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How To Make A Garden Flag


I came to the hanging of garden flags late in the trend, but once I got there I was on board in a big way.  But I am picky.  Maybe even a little snobbish about my garden flags.  I usually go for the bold colorful, embroidered ones. No cheap printed signs for me! Every once in awhile I  will make one when I can’t find one that I love. Which is what happened recently. Today I will show you how to make a garden flag!

gflag 5

Up until today, this is the garden flag flying at the castle. It had three of my favorite colors, was embroidered and I admit I was crushing on it big time for awhile. Lately the embroidery was looking kind of sad and faded. Whether I wanted to or not it was time for a change. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one that I loved.  So I made one!

Here is what you will need to make one:

I used a scraps from a drop cloth.


Paint brush

No sew iron on tape or a sewing machine


I wanted my finished flag to be 12″ X 18″.

1.Cut a 14″ X 20″ rectangle of drop cloth.

2. Fold the material edge over 1/4″ all the way around and iron it flat, then fold and turned the 1/4″ material over again. Iron and pin to keep in place.

3.  Sew the folded material all the way around or use no sew iron on tape.

4.  Measuring 2.5 ” from the top,  fold the material over, pin it together, then sew a straight line about 1/8″ from the edge to form a pocket to hang the flag. Your flag is done!

I honestly thought I had pictures of all of this, but , ummm no. Hey – don’t judge! My mind must be going!

gflag 4

Now it is time to paint your flag. I wanted something simple, but fun.

5. I sketched the letter “L” on the front, smack dab in the middle.

6. Then measuring from the outer edge 2.5″and mark it using a ruler to make a boarder. Do this on all four sides.


7.  It is time to paint! I used a black metallic with tiny glitter pieces in it. So much fun!

gflag 2

8. Once the middle was done, using blue tape, tape off the outer 2.5″ border. Be sure to place your tape on the inner side of your line to make your border a full 2.5″.  If you are afraid that this will bleed, don’t be skeerd! It really does work as long as you rub your tape down well.

9. Now just paint the outer edge.

10. Let dry.

11. Add embellishments. I used ribbon that I had on hand in a black and white harlequin pattern to make a bow. I  may change this later but it works well for now. I used a black and white ribbon, but since my flag is so neutral I could really use any bold color!

12. Sew or glue on your bow/embellishment.


That’s it. It is just so darn easy! Not sure about painting the initial? What about an iron on initial? Really the possibilities are endless.

I am almost finished with all of my small projects that I told you about here.  I am getting excited about showing some really BIG – well big to me – projects with you soon.  For sure you are gonna want to see my post on Friday….I am trying out a new product that I have been crushin’ on big time and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Until next time….



  1. did You seal the Paint or does it hold up in any weather without being sealed?
    Thank you, I love your flag.

    1. Hi Ruby!
      Thank you. I had every good intention to seal it, but didn’t! However, I would recommend it. Either with a scotch guard type product or even with a clear spray poly. Just a light coat would work, as this flag held up very well without being sealed.

  2. Tammy, where did you get the rods to hold the flag? I may want to make one, and was curious where you found them?
    😁 I love your blog!

    1. I actually bought a flag that came with the rod. I think I bought it at Kirklands or Michaeals, however I think you could get them on Amazon.

  3. I am getting ready to make one or more garden flags using canvas drop cloth — much preferred over burlap! May I use an acrylic paint and then seal? If not, please include your recommendation. Thanks, Martha

  4. I love this idea. I have a roll of canvas that is used for making a stretch canvas for oil painting. Would that canvas work for a garden flag? I was thinking about my niece, who is 4, doing a picture of a flower using her hand print for the petals and foot print for leaves to give to her Mother for Mothers Day. Also what would be the best type of paint to use that is kid safe and weather safe?

    1. Judy what a great idea! I would think that canvas should definitely work. I always use a water base acrylic paint, then you could always seal it with either a spray sealer once it was dry to protect it from the elements. I would love to see your finished project. Have fun!

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