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Turquoise Night Stands

turn side 8My BFF Roxanne’s sweet momma Sarah just moved here to be closer to her girls. In the move she downsized and had to get rid of some furniture….you know where this is going, right? Miss Sarah was kind enough to give me some of her extra furniture! Yay… picture me doing some serious backflips! She gifted me two tables that would make awesome night stands, in fact they would make awesome turquoise night stands!    My sister T needed some night stands  to go with her new bed. After consulting with her, she was in love with the turquoise idea and said to just go for it.

turn side 7This is what the tables looked like when I got them. A little worn and missing some handles, but overall great bones.

turn side 6First thing? Remove the broken drawer handles. Only, there was a big problem. The handles were attached to the drawer face and THEN the drawer face was attached to the drawer. There was absolutely NO way to remove the handles. Can you say cray cray?

turn side 3

My solution was to gently pry off the drawer face and remove the handles. Then re-attach them before painting.

turn side 4If you think that I was excited about getting the end tables, you should have seen me when I discovered Junk Gypsy paint was sold locally! I couldn’t wait to try it out. I absolutely LOVE their colors. I chose a color called Free Spirit. A really beautiful blue turquoise color.

Junk Gypsy paint is a clay paint, so I wasn’t sure how the application would be. Honestly, the first few strokes I wasn’t really thrilled. I had already stirred it up before beginning, but went back and stirred some more. MUCH BETTER! Moral of the story? Stir, then stir some more.

turn side 2When painting JG goes on like regular latex paint. JG also dries like regular paint, but the end finish is a little “chalky”. I used a gloss poly to seal it. The end result? A smooth satin finish. Which I really, really liked!

turn side 1My sister chose her drawer handles and after drilling new holes ( that went all the way through the drawer face AND the drawer!) this is the end result.

turq sideMy sister and I are crushing on it big time! So much so that we are going to paint her new/old bed and dresser in a complimentary color! I love it when redecorating a room all comes together!!! Girl squeal!

I loved the Junk Gypsy paint so much that I am already planning to use a few other colors on  some of  furniture in my pile waiting to be done.  I’m thinking of new colors like: Flower Child ( bright pink) or Landlocked Mermaid…( lovely light green)  or Singing the Texas Blues ( navy – my favorite color!).  I think I would use them just because they have such great names! If you need me I will be in the workshop painting away!

Until next time…..


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