How To Make a Patriotic Banner

Happy 4th of July everyone! Well, actually it’s the 3rd, but around these parts everyone celebrates the 4th on the 3rd. Confusing much? I agree! I had a few people ask how to make a patriotic banner like the one I shared last week.


So I decided to share how to make one, just in case you want a quick inside project to beat the heat!

material and scissors

Supply List:

7 differently patterned fat quarters. You can find these anywhere fabric is sold in the fabric section.

(I used 2″ patterned ribbon as one of my patterns.)

You will also need scissors or a cutting tool.

Jute or string.

A ruler or cutting matt.

That’s it. Not a long list  at all.

Iron your fat quarters and fold in half.

Next cut your pieces of material to tie onto the jute.

I cute each fat quarter in either 1″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ strips.


Next, I cut a piece of jute out  the width of my fireplace, plus a little extra to allow your banner to swag.

Sorry, no exact measurements.

Each fireplace width will be a little different.

My suggestion is cut a little extra, as you can always cut off excess, but you can’t add to it.

how to make a patriotic banner

Now, tie the material onto the jute.

I started about 12 inches from one end to tie on my first piece.

Leaving the material folded in half, I laid the material on top of the jute.

material and jute

Next, pick up the material on the fold line and create a small opening.

How to make a patriotic banner

Holding on to the top of the loop with one hand to keep it in place on top of the jute, grab the tails of the material and tuck them under the jute.

The tails will then be on “top” of the loop.

material and jute

Still holding the loop in place, reach through the loop and grab the tails.

How to make a patriotic banner

Now, pull them toward you until the material tightens.

material and jute

Next, keep adding strips of material until you have the desired width of banner.

The nice thing about tying the material onto the jute this way is that the material can easily be moved closer or farther apart.

Want a fuller banner? Slide the material together tightly, allowing more room to add more strips.mantle

As you can see, how to make a patriotic banner couldn’t be easier.

However, it doesn’t have to be a patriotic banner.

Wouldn’t fun summer colors be fun?

And don’t get me started on all of the holiday banners you could make!

I hope that you all have a fun and safe July 4th.

Or, if you are like me, 3rd.

Until next time…




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