How To Deal With A Holiday Hangover

I hope that you had a wonderful  4th of July weekend. We sure did!  We started the Friday before the 4th and celebrated all weekend into the week. Now that it is all over, I’m learning how to deal with a holiday hangover. No! Not that kind of hangover. More the I’ve worn myself plumb smooth,gained ten pounds, had so much fun kind.

Last minute 4th of July decor

I’m certainly not complaining though. I would do it again in a heartbeat! So what did we do? Quite a lot!

movie screen

Friday afternoon we picked my sweet sister up from the train in Ft. Worth.

We had a fun lunch at the Rodeo Goat.

Our eldest son was at the castle when we got here.

As you can imagine, we had a fun time visiting followed by a “drive in movie” on the partio.

how to deal with a holiday hangover

Saturday started off with a little shopping, followed by some serious pool time!

The Hubs did some serious BBQ grilling. He makes  the best  brisket EVER!!!

I can’t wait for him to retire so that he can cook for me every day.


Of course, we spent a fair amount of time on the partio enjoying the superhot warm evening.

Sunday was a repeat of all things on Saturday!


Sadly, it was time for sweet sister to head home on Monday.

We made a quick trip to eat burgers at the Ft. Worth stockyards.

You know you are dedicated burger lover when you are willing to go in 103 degree temps!

I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that North Texas is hotter than the surface of the sun.

I’m not kidding either.

glow sticks

Tuesday was the 3rd of July, which is when the big fireworks display happens here.

We always watch the fireworks extravaganza  from the golf course every year.

This year they had big tables and chairs set up and handed out glow sticks of all shapes and sizes.


Every year I wonder who in their right mind would go sit for hours in 100 degree temps for 30 minutes of fireworks.

I mean, I have seen fireworks before.

Then the fireworks begin and I feel like a little girl again.

Oohing and Awing at all the beautiful lights and colors.

So worth it!

friday favorites


Sunday had us grilling out again with our youngest son and friends.

I swear, I’m going to have to eat salad for the next year!

On a side note, remember me sharing these cuffs that The Hubs made?

My friend Rita from Panoply had a genius suggestion for The Hubs.

napkin and napkin ring

Leather napkin rings!!!

I put The Hubs to work right away on that suggestion.

I’ll be sharing those with you next week.

So, with all of my musings, I know that you are wondering how to deal with a holiday hangover?

I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t!

You just roll with it.  Again, worth every second!

Until next time….




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