How To Make A Snowflake Ornament

snowflake ornament

Happy Wednesday! Today is the $10 on the 10th where fun bloggers share their ideas for under $10.00. This month our theme is Christmas Ornaments. I’m going to show you how to make a snowman ornament.

$10 on the 10th

This snowman ornament is super easy , so much fun and almost everyone can make it no matter what their skill level is.

AND… it can be made in 10 easy steps.

My kind of craft!

supplies to make an ornament


Here’s a list of supplies that you will need to make a snowflake ornament.

1 clear plastic ornament. ( I had a hard time finding one. Finally at Hob Lob I found these in the soap department)

1 Christmas bag with design of your choice. ( I found mine at the Dollar Tree)

Snowflake – 3.5″  ( I found mine at Walmart.)



Gorilla Glue or glue of your choice

White Paint

Mod Podge


Hot Glue and Glue Gun

Paint brush

Faux snow – ( Dollar Tree)


1/2 of a clear ornament

Step 1:

Take 1/2 of your ornament and remove the circle at the top.

I used wire cutters to do this.

tracing a circle on a bag

Step 2:

Trace the part of your sack that you want to cut out using your ornament half.

This will be the design you see at the back of your ornament.

Cutting out a snowman head

Step 3:

Cut out the area that you traced.

I cut the outside edge of my tracing so that I would have plenty of space to glue my ornament to it.

If you get too much you can always trim the excess off once you have glued the ornament on to it.

Adding glue to a circle

Step 4:

Place a bead of glue on the outside edge of your circle.

gluing a snowman circle to an ornament

Step 5:

Place a pinch of faux snow in the middle of your circle.

Then line up your ornament half with the outside edge of the circle and firmly press to attach.

Set aside and let dry completely.

adding Mod Podge to a snowflake

Step 6:

While your ornament is drying, let’s work on the snowflake.

This snowflake is very rustic.

Since I wanted mine to be a bright white, I gave mine a couple of coats of white paint.

Let dry.

Once dry, give the side of the ornament that you plan to use a thin coat of Mod Podge.

adding glitter to a snowflake

Step 7:

Once you have a light coat of Mod Podge painted onto the snowflake, lightly sprinkle some silver or white glitter over the surface.

Let dry.

gluing an ornament to a snowflake

Step 8:

Glue your ornament to the snowflake using hot glue.

You may have to press the sides down while it dries to get it to adhere all the way around as the snowflake has a slight slope.

snowflake ornament

Step 9:

Add a pretty bow.

snowflake ornament

Step 10:

Hang your ornament on your tree!


Ten easy steps!

So how much did my ornament cost?

Snowflake: $5.96

Ornament: $0.56

Christmas bag:  $1.00

Faux snow: $1.00 ( I only used a pinch , but we will count it anyway)

Everything else I had on hand.

I used scrap ribbon for the bow.

subtotal:  $8.52

tax:                .70

total cost: $8.95

Not bad for a fun, good sized ornament!

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Until next time….

How To Make A Snowflake Ornament

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  1. Very cute, Tammy and it looks like you can get a few more ornaments out of that Christmas bag. The faux snow adds the perfect finishing touch!

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