Decorating Your Christmas Entryway

Christmas Entry

Hey ya’ll! Today on Decorate With Us, the Christmas edition, my friends Terrie, Corine, and I are all sharing how much fun it is  decorating your Christmas entryway.

Decorating the entry can be so much fun and challenging at the same time.

Mine is very small, but it’s the first thing that you see when you enter our home.

So I want to pack as much punch into my decor as possible in this space!

Cabinet with mirror

Clean and Plan

Of course, I clear out all of the previous decor and give everything a good cleaning before starting to decorate.

Next, I plan out my decor.

This year I’m going to use the wallpaper as my guide.

Lots of blues, reds, whites, greens and gold!

Cabinet with a fur runner

Fur Runner

Next, I added this fur runner.

I normally use it on my dining room table, but since I’m going in a different direction in there I knew I had to find it a new home.

Cabinet with Christmas Decor

Christmas Trees

The next addition to the top of the cabinet were these trees.

The trees were picked up at Hobby Lobby many years ago.

Colorful beads on tree

It’s hard to see in the previous picture but they have a beautiful gold patina and lots of colorful beads strung on them.

They match my wallpaper perfectly!

Santa and his Reindeer

Next, I added Santa!

I won Santa at a Bunko night a few years ago.

He looks so at home nestled into the “snow”.

Baskets with bows

Of course Santa needs at least one reindeer to pull his sleigh.

This gold reindeer covered in glitter was Santa’s choice!

ornaments and pinecones

Adding Color and Texture

Now it’s time to add in all of the color and texture to make the trees and Santa really stand out.

I started with the large oversized red glitter ornaments.

These were gifted to me by my BFF Roxanne.

The gold glitter pinecones matched the reindeer and all of the rest of the gold so they were a perfect addition.

And add a ton of texture.

Reindeer with ornaments

The last addition to the to of the cabinet were these small blue ornaments to bring some of the blue in the wallpaper into the vignette.

Christmas vignette

Add Some Greenery

At this point the vignette on top of the cabinet looks pretty good.

However, it was missing one thing.

Some greenery.

So I added this swag that I made to match the decor.

Now  the upper part of the cabinet was finished.

Filling the Shelving

The only thing left to do was fill up the shelving.

These cute baskets live here year round.

I added the same ribbon that I used in the wreath here.

Simply tie it into a bow and the baskets are ready for Christmas.

Again, on the lower shelf I added some picks of Christmas tree branches to add more green into the mix.

Jingle All The way vignette

On the other side, I added another bow to the basket on the bottom shelf.

The top shelf was loaded up with a Jingle All The Way sign and a couple of shiny green mini bottle brush trees.

Christmas sign

One last thing….

A cute little sign that basically sums up our entire family for the most part!

Everyone’s got a funny sense of humor for sure.

Christmas Entry

Decorating your Christmas entryway should give anyone walking into your home a hint of the decor to come.

Mine certainly does.

A little glam, a little laid back style and a little whimsy.

Which just sums up how we decorate for Christmas perfectly.

Christmas entryway

I hope that you will join me in hopping over to Corine’s and Terrie’s to see their beautiful entryways. They never disappoint!

Tomorrow is $10 on the 10th and our theme is ornaments so come on back for that.

Thursday we will be sharing our Guest Bath decor with you.

Lots of fun and pretty things to share with you!

Until next time…

Christmas Entryway

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    1. Thanks Corine! The wallpaper is one of my favorite projects in our new house. I’m like you – I love the gold in the entry. It really brightens it up!

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