How to Make Felt Flowers

felt flowers

On our Craft With Me Wednesday I shared in a video on how to make felt flowers . If you missed it, you can see it here.

However, there are only so many things that I could put in the video and I promised to share how to make them here on the blog also.

AND I will share where to get a pattern to make a few of your own.

flower, sign

If you have followed me for very long you will know that I use these felt flowers in a lot of my decor.

Two tiered Valentine's tray

On 2 tiered trays, tabletops and in arrangements.

A lot of you have asked “did I make them?” or “where you can buy them?”

So I thought that I would share that with you.

Last Spring I bought my felt flowers at Walmart.

Sadly, they don’t have them anymore.

felt flowersOn a recent trip to Michael’s, I found a smaller version of the flowers and it occurred to me that I could deconstruct it and figure out how to make my own.

felt, glue gun, scissors, paper, pen





Hot glue gun and glue

Pen or pencil

Extras: clips and BQ skewers

felt, card stock

Step 1:

Make a pattern for your flowers.

I bought a few of the small felt flowers at Michael’s and using a blow dryer to loosen the hot glue I took the flower apart.

Using the felt flower I made a pattern.

You can find patterns to make flowers in the Pattern section on my home page.

felt, template, felt

Simply lay the felt out on a piece of card stock and trace around the edges.

Once that is done cut out the  pattern on the card stock.


scissors, feltStep 2:

Cut out your felt flower.

Using the pattern you just cut out, lay it on a piece of felt and draw around the pattern.

I like to use a pen that is almost the same color as the felt to do this.

That way, if you can see any of the pen after you cut the felt out it blends into the flower.

Once you have traced your pattern onto the felt, cut it out.

gluing flower together


Step 3:

Glut your flower together.

Starting at the small end of the felt start rolling your flower up, glueing it with hot glue as you go.

Be sure that the back side is level as you roll the felt up.

felt flowers, pen

Step 4:

Add leaves to your flower.

I made a leaf pattern using the same techniques that I did for the flower.

Using the leaf that came off of the flower I bought, I traced it onto card stock and cut it out.

Then I transferred the pattern onto felt and cut it out.

Once that was done, I hot glued the leaf to the back of my flower.

There is one exception to adding the leaves at this time. See #5.


skewer, felt flower, glue

Step 5:

If you are wanting to use your flower in an arrangement you will want to add a “pick” to it.

A BQ skewer is perfect for this.

I measure the length that I want the pick, mark the skewer and cut off the extra skewer that I don’t need.

I cut off from the top of the skewer ( the flat end) so that the sharp pointed end remains.

It makes it easier to use as a pick.

Glue the “flat” end of the skewer to the flat part of your flower.

Then add the leaves, hiding the skewer and the back side of the flower.

felt flower

Step 6:

My large flowers from Walmart came with a clip on the back.

Which makes it great to add it to different things.

Napkin rings, containers etc.

So whether I plan on clipping it to anything or not I add the clip to the back after I’ve added the leaves.

How To make Felt flowers


These felt flowers are so cute!

Making them I got to thinking of other things I could use them for.

The smaller ones would be great added to push pins on bulletin boards.

And wouldn’t they be beautiful added to bows on a present?

The uses for them is really endless.

I hope that you enjoyed learning how to make felt flowers.

Thanks for crafting with me!

Until next time….

How To Make Felt Flowers

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