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Y’all! I can’t believe that next week we start my kitchen remodel. It’s been the way it is now for 18 years. And while I’ve only been in it for about 18 months, It’s time. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement! It’s really a dark room that has a lot of yellow lighting.

I spent the weekend firming up all of the things. Ordered sinks, hardware, faucets, tile…. all the little things that have to happen. I thought that I’d show my plans with you so that you can follow along as I share my kitchen’s journey with you.

Gold and white bay kitchen

There is nothing prettier to me than a nice crisp white kitchen!

I mean, just look at this kitchen!

It was a Pinterest find that Ebay had posted.

It had me at the gold accents.

So my inspiration is to lighten almost everything up.

Sherwin Williams Pure White



When we started planing the remodel, I knew that I wanted to put together a kitchen that would stand the test of time as much as possible.

For me that meant white cabinets, white backsplash, white countertops… you get the picture.

But as I started putting it all together I realized how much white was in this room.

Pittsburg Quartz



The cabinets will be Sherwin Williams Pure White.

The walls we just painted before Christmas a soft  light griege color.

It had zero character.

So I had a consultation with Mario, my countertop guy and he gave me several black samples of quartz to look at.

I landed on this piece of Pittsburg Quarts!

Black and white kitchen

It has very little veining, which I love.

It’s has a little bit of sparkle, which I love even more!

And the best thing for me  is that it’s a not a pattern or color that I will get tired of.

As you can see here,  this kitchen from a Decorated Life is super clean, timeless and beautiful!

Backsplash tile


Once I had the countertops picked out, it was time to look at the backsplash options.

I thought that I wanted a simple white ceramic subway tile.

Until I saw this tile.

Let the heavenly choir sing!

It’s Byzantine Arabesque Bianco from the Tile Bar.

I LOVE it!

In the entire kitchen it was my one splurge, however I knew that the texture and sophistication that it would give my kitchen was perfect.

Apron sink


My current sink is a divided, multi-level stainless beasts that for the life of me always looks dull and dirty.

No matter what I do or clean it with.

So a new sink was definitely happening.

I chose a white apron sink that is one great big tub.

We had a granite composite sink similar to this in our old home and I can’t tell you how much I loved it.

In fact, had I not been doing a black countertop, I would have put a granite one in this kitchen.

I’m okay with no granite this time as this kitchen is a beauty.

Gold kitchen faucet


I fell in love with this brushed gold faucet.

It’s probably not for everyone, but it definitely makes me happy when I look at it.

If anyone would have thought I would ever have a gold faucet, I would have told them they had lost their mind!

But, remember that gorgeous white and gold kitchen earlier?

Nuff said.

brushed gold hardware

The gold faucet is why I chose these drawer pulls.

Well, that and the fact that they come in a ton of sizes.

I want ginormous pulls for the large drawers under the stove and  these will be perfect.

These pulls range from 2.5″ all the way up to 18″.

A size for everything!

That’s pretty much all that I’ve ordered.

I still need to find countertop height bar stools and a few other things, but I think I’m well on my way to being finished with all of the decisions for now.

I can’t wait for my kitchen remodel to start!

Until next time….

My kitchen remodel

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  1. Tammy,

    So exciting and you made great choices. I have an apron sink from Kohler and I love it. I can fit anything inside to clean.

    I bought metal racks for the bottom from them and they can go in the dishwasher.

    Best thing get a metal mark from sheet pans and soft scrub or better Bar Keepers Friend and they come right off.

    Can’t wait to see


    1. Thanks for the tips Cindy! The sink I ordered has the racks for the bottom too. I’ve never had that before but looking forward to a large sink again!

    1. Thank you Stacey… As you know from building a house there are so many choices out there…. hard to choose from!

  2. I am so excited for you to begin this project. Everything you picked out will look amazing in your kitchen. i can’t wait to see it. Love the black countertop with the white and gold. WOW it makes me want to change everything in our kitchen. I will be following your journey.

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