How To Set Up A Christmas Hot Cocoa Bar



How To Set Up A Cocoa Bar

It finally feels like we may have a Winter season here in North Texas. We went from weather in the 70’s down into the 40’s and 50’s. Which may not seem that cold to you, but here we are dragging out the coats. With the weather getting cooler, it’s time to bust out one of my favorite things. A big mug of hot cocoa! So today I’m sharing how to set up a Christmas hot cocoa bar. Disclaimer, I’m no expert on hot cocoa bars, this is just how my family likes to do it.

Hot Chocolate bombs

Step 1:

Find a great spot for your bar and add lots of Christmas decor.

I’m setting mine up next to my coffee maker on the buffet in the breakfast room.

For us, it just makes sense.

However, your bar can go anywhere that you want it to go!

Your bar just wouldn’t be as festive without a few Christmas decorations.

I added in my sweet little reindeer, as well as greenery, red Christmas bulbs and lots of plaid.

jar, tag

Step 2:

Add Hot cocoa and all of the trimmings!

*hot cocoa – We use The Hubs family recipe, but Swiss Miss is a good one too.

*marshmallows – mini, fluff, large, peeps, dehydrated – thank goodness they come in all shapes, colors and sizes!

*Sea Salted Caramel  

*Whipped Cream

*Sprinkles– they bring the fun to the party!

*White and Chocolate chips – for added flavor

*Candy Canes – great stir sticks and add a little peppermint kick

*Cookies – who doesn’t like cookies?

*Hot Cocoa Bombs – yummy!


*Chocolate Fudge Sauce

And these are just a few things to start with!


mini marshmallows

I like to keep most of my ingredients in pretty containers with lids.

Freshness counts!

Also, since most of my containers are not see through I add small tags to each container for convenience.

I love these mini dehydrated marshmallows, they never get stale!


Marshmallow snowmen

Speaking of marshmallows, I love these hand painted snowmen.

They are just the cutest floating around in your cup.

Want to know how to make them?

I’ll be sharing how next week!


What cup of cocoa would be complete without sprinkles?

I just add them to the top of a little marshmallow fluff or whip cream.

Guaranteed happiness every time!

hot cocoa bombs

We’ve all seen these cute Hot Chocolate Bombs, right?

I can’t tell you how fun they are and best of all they are delicious!

The Hubs said that they made the best cup of hot chocolate that he has ever had!

Along with a good cup of chocolate, I like to eat a little something.

Like cookies!

These pirouettes are this weeks favorite, next week it might be something different!


candy canes, mugs, spoons

Step 3:

Make sure that you have plenty of serving utensils.

One essential item is something to stir your hot chocolate.

I like to offer a variety with spoons, stir sticks, and candy canes!

canister spoons

Other essential items are scoops and small spoons.

I even put out small tongs for things like the marshmallow snowmen.

Also, you can never have enough napkins on hand.


jars, candy, spoons

Step 4:

Lifts and Levels with tall things in the back.

If you are limited on space like I am,  put things in the back up on a lift if they aren’t tall.

A lift is anything the can add height.

In this case I used a oblong plaid tin about 3 inches thick and 6 inches long.

Then added a Level, which is a small white tray.

Not only does it look good, now my family can easily reach the hot cocoa and the candy canes without making a mess.

How to set up a cocoa bar


And just like that your Hot Cocoa bar is complete.

cup of hot chocolate

Now all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy a great cup of hot cocoa!


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  1. Your cocoa bar is exactly what everyone should have in their homes for Christmas. A cup of hot cocoa and the fixins is the perfect thing to have Christmas morning. Or at least in our home. Your blue cabinet looks amazing by the way!

  2. Fantastic tips! Love the look of your bar – so festive, fun and delicious looking! I’ve never heard of the hot cocoa bombs! Where did you find them. I want to try those out. Pinned. 🙂

    1. Cindy I made my hot cocoa bombs. There are a thousand tutorials on Pinterest. If you are going to make them, y advice, buy the meltable candy’s because they are already tempered. I am posting on the blog on Friday tips and tricks. They are super easy once you get going.Not going to make them, google where you can buy them in your area. They sell from $3 – $10 each, depending on how fancy they are. Wether you make them yourself or buy them, they are a ton of fun!

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