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jar of snowmen marshmallows

Hey there! Last week when I shared my hot cocoa bar with you I promised to share how to make marshmallow snowmen and hot cocoa bombs with you.

So today I’m making good on half of that promise.

How to make marshmallow snowmen.

Can I tell you a secret?

They are so easy to make I could have called the neighbor kids over and let them do  it while I napped!

snowman supplies


Here’s what you will need to make the snowmen.

* Marshmallows – the big kind

*Powdered Sugar

*Scissors- I used my kitchen scissors, cleaning them super well before using.

*A new artist liner brush

*Gel Food Coloring or tubes of icing

Optional – a 4 x 4 x2 box and bakers twine

parchment paper, plate, powdered sugar

Step 1

Take a small plate and liberally sprinkle powdered sugar on it.

Next to the plate, lay out a piece of parchment paper or wax paper.

scissors, marshmallow,

Step 2

Using the scissors, cut a marshmallow in half.

marshmallows, powdered sugar

Step 3

Dip the sticky side of the marshmallow ( the side that was cut) into the powdered sugar.

tip: if your marshmallow shape is a little wonky, press down in the center to make it round again.

marshmallows, parchment paper

Step 4

Place your marshmallow – powdered sugar side down – onto a piece of parchment paper.

painting snowman marshmallows

Step 5

Now for the fun part!

Painting your snowman’s face.

Now don’t panic if you aren’t an artist.

We are talking basic shapes here.

Dip a little gel food coloring out onto a paper plate.

Then using a clean, new artists brush get  the brush wet and dip into a little of the food coloring.

You want it to be thin, but not watery.

Paint your snowman!

painting a snowman face

Remember I said basic shapes?

As you can see here I used circles for the eyes, mouth and checks and a wonky triangle for the nose.

If your food coloring bleeds a little, that’s okay.

If it bleeds too much, you have used to much water…

My snowmen are far from perfect, but I think that makes them even cuter!

box of marshmallow snowmen

I know that most of us aren’t going to any parties this year, but wouldn’t these be a great hostess gift?

Or even a sweet treat for family and friends?

I found these boxes here and they were perfect for six to eight snowmen.

To keep them in place in the box, simply wet a small circle on the back side of the marshmallow and place in the box.

The water creates a small sticky spot that holds just enough that they won’t move inside the box, but still allows for easy removal.

Tie your box up with ribbon or bakers twine, add a festive embellishment and a tag.

You now have a cute, sweet gift!

Marshmallow snowmen

Don’t forget to make a few for yourself!

They are just the cutest floating in a cup of hot chocolate!

Once your marshmallow snowmen are done, store them in an airtight container.

See? I told you making marshmallow snowmen was easy.

Chocolate Bombs are coming soon, I promise!

Until next time…..

Marshmallow snowmen

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