Marshmallow Snowmen

jar of snowmen marshmallows

Hey there! Last week when I shared my hot cocoa bar with you I promised to share how to make marshmallow snowmen and hot cocoa bombs with you.

So today I’m making good on half of that promise.

How to make marshmallow snowmen.

Can I tell you a secret?

They are so easy to make I could have called the neighbor kids over and let them do  it while I napped!

snowman supplies


Here’s what you will need to make the snowmen.

* Marshmallows – the big kind

*Powdered Sugar

*Scissors- I used my kitchen scissors, cleaning them super well before using.

*A new artist liner brush

*Gel Food Coloring or tubes of icing

Optional – a 4 x 4 x2 box and bakers twine

parchment paper, plate, powdered sugar

Step 1

Take a small plate and liberally sprinkle powdered sugar on it.

Next to the plate, lay out a piece of parchment paper or wax paper.

scissors, marshmallow,

Step 2

Using the scissors, cut a marshmallow in half.

marshmallows, powdered sugar

Step 3

Dip the sticky side of the marshmallow ( the side that was cut) into the powdered sugar.

tip: if your marshmallow shape is a little wonky, press down in the center to make it round again.

marshmallows, parchment paper

Step 4

Place your marshmallow – powdered sugar side down – onto a piece of parchment paper.

painting snowman marshmallows

Step 5

Now for the fun part!

Painting your snowman’s face.

Now don’t panic if you aren’t an artist.

We are talking basic shapes here.

Dip a little gel food coloring out onto a paper plate.

Then using a clean, new artists brush get  the brush wet and dip into a little of the food coloring.

You want it to be thin, but not watery.

Paint your snowman!

painting a snowman face

Remember I said basic shapes?

As you can see here I used circles for the eyes, mouth and checks and a wonky triangle for the nose.

If your food coloring bleeds a little, that’s okay.

If it bleeds too much, you have used to much water…

My snowmen are far from perfect, but I think that makes them even cuter!

box of marshmallow snowmen

I know that most of us aren’t going to any parties this year, but wouldn’t these be a great hostess gift?

Or even a sweet treat for family and friends?

I found these boxes here and they were perfect for six to eight snowmen.

To keep them in place in the box, simply wet a small circle on the back side of the marshmallow and place in the box.

The water creates a small sticky spot that holds just enough that they won’t move inside the box, but still allows for easy removal.

Tie your box up with ribbon or bakers twine, add a festive embellishment and a tag.

You now have a cute, sweet gift!

Marshmallow snowmen

Don’t forget to make a few for yourself!

They are just the cutest floating in a cup of hot chocolate!

Once your marshmallow snowmen are done, store them in an airtight container.

See? I told you making marshmallow snowmen was easy.

Chocolate Bombs are coming soon, I promise!

Until next time…..

Marshmallow snowmen

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  1. Just thought of a question: Is the artist liner brush something you find in the art/paint section at Hobby Lobby? Or is it in the cake and candy section… by Wilton?

    1. Yes, you can find the brush in the artist section of Hob Lob, Michaels or Amazon. Any place that sells artist brushes. I like them better than the brushes sold for cakes as they are smaller. However, if you are more comfortable with the ones in the cake section go for it! It all comes down to getting small lines.

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