How To Zhuzh Up a Box


Today I’m sharing how to zhuzh up a box. You know, give it something a little extra.

Why? Well, have you ever visualized something decorated in your home, but when it comes to finding it you can’t find it anywhere? I do all of the time! It drives me crazy.  I guess this dilemma is why I’ve made so many decor items in my home.

I have had these cute olive trees for awhile now.

But I’ve always felt like they needed something more.

Something extra.

Like a really cute planter to put them in!

crafts supplies


I wanted this cute little style of box to put my topiaries in, but sadly couldn’t find the right sized ones anywhere.

So I’m making my container.

These are the supplies to make one:


Wood beads


Wood filler


Spray Paint

Basket reeds

Step 1

Measure your box.

You will need the measurements to both the width and length of your box.

cutting wood strips

Step 2:

Using your measurements, cut a strip of reed for the length and width of your box.

Then cut the reed in half lengthwise.

This will give you a total of 4 strips.

2 for the length and 2 for the width.

Do this for all four sides of your box.

gluing wood strips

Step 3:

I started out using wood glue to glue the strips to the box.

However, this took forever!

After a few sides of glueing, then waiting for it to dry before moving on to the next side, I quickly decided to use a hot glue and hot glue gun.

wooden box with strips

Step 4:

Cut your cross wood strips.marking wood strips

Math clearly isn’t my forte, so I did not measure the cross strips perfectly.

I measured my box diagonally.

Then cut a wood strip that was a little longer than my diagonal measurement.

Cut that strip in half lengthwise, set one piece aside.

Laying the piece diagonally across the box, mark the strip where the corners meet on the box.

Cut where you have marked.

Glue onto box.

adding wood strips to a box

Step 5:

Using the piece of wood strip that you set aside, cut it in half widthwise.

Mark the end pieces just as you did in step 4.

Place the end of the strip into the corner of the box and measure the other end, where your wood strip meets the cross wooden strip that you have already glued on.

Mark and cut.

Do this for the other side.

Glue both pieces onto the box.

adding wood filler to a box

Step 6:

Once you have completed all four sides of your box, fill any holes or spaces that don’t quite meet up with wood filler.

Let the filler completely dry, then sand smooth.

adding wooden feet to a box

Step 7:

Glue the wooden beads to the bottom of your box to give it feet.

zhuzh up a box

Step 8:

Paint the box.

Once your box is completed it is time to paint it.

I used a white spray paint that already had a primer in it.

Give it a couple of coats of paint and your box is finished.


Isn’t this the cutest?

I just plopped the topiary in, added some moss and tied on a bow.

It’s exactly as I visualized it and it goes perfectly with my decor.

I couldn’t be happier and feel like the traditional style will be perfect for quite some time to come.

Hopefully, you liked how to zhuzh up a box as much as I did making one!

Until next time….

How To Zhuzh up a box

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  1. I zhuzhed up my crocks a long time ago but they didn’t come out this cute! All I did was add lace. My craft laziness kicked in. LOL! Love how this turned out. Much much nicer. Pinned

    1. Lol! You always crack me up. For some reason I don’t like the tissue box designs… that and cords to lamps etc. lol It’s the little things that drive me crazy.

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