Shelving in the Kitchen


I have been wanting to add shelving in the kitchen since I began the remodel at the first of the year. However, I didn’t want my shelves to be on the wall. Oh, no. That would be too boring. I want them on the side of my lower cabinet.

If you look at the bottom of the photo, you can see exactly where I wanted my shelves.

I found this shelf at Hob Lob.

I knew it was meant to be since they were 50% off! Woo, Hoo!

Only one teeny, tiny problem.

They were the wrong color.

But you know I can fix that!

shelf and rail

Step 1:

Remove the railing from the shelf.

This particular shelf was super easy to do, as it had simple nuts on the bottom of the shelf.

Simply remove the nut, then pull the rail off of the shelf!

painting shelf rail

Step 2:

Paint the rail.

Lucky for me the rail resembles my drawer pulls.

So it only made sense to spay paint them gold to match.

painting shelf

Step 3:

Paint the shelves.

Using the same color of blue that I painted my kitchen island, I gave my shelves 2 coats of paint.

blue shelf


Step 4:

Put the shelves back together.

Once both the rails and the shelves were dry, I put them back together.

And this is the finished result!

taping a blue shelf

Step 5:

Hang the shelves.

Here’s a super easy way to hang an item that has two hangers on the back.

I took a piece of blue tape and lined it up with the top edge of my shelf.

Then, pierced a hole at the top of the hangers.

leveling tape

Then stick your blue tape where you want to hang your shelf.

Make sure it’s level.

installing screws for shelving

Then it’s simply a matter of putting nails or screws where you pierced the blue tape.

I used wood screws to hang my shelves.

TIP: another quick tip if you are using screws. Pre-drill your hole with a slightly smaller drill bit. It makes driving the screws in super easy!

blue shelves

Here are my shelves hung and ready to be decorated.

I cannot tell you how much I love them.

Especially since it was a super easy low budget project.

decor on blue shelving

I love how my shelving turned out!

Shelving in the kitchen is a super easy way to add color, texture and style to what could easily be a bland room.

There was only one down side to this project.

It reminded me that I haven’t painted my baseboards, caulked or repaired my trim after they put the new counter tops in.


It’s a good thing I like projects!

Until next time…

shelving in the kitchen

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is so cute! AND what a clever way to mark where/how you hang the shelves. I would have never that of that! That’s brilliant!

    1. I saw that way to hang things awhile back and just started using it this year. Sooooo much easier to hang things for sure.

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