It’s About Time! Kitchen Dining Area Done! -Almost

If you have been following along with my many on-going projects you know that I have been working on the kitchen dining area for awhile now.  Well, I am so darn excited because:  It is almost done!!!! For reals! Well…almost.  The thing is- I am so close to being done that instead of posting  on Friday like I usually do, I am going to post on Saturday.  Give myself a little time to go over the tiny details now that I have the big ones ironed out.  Here are a few teasers for you, until I get it all put together for your viewing pleasure~

drum chandyMy new lighting….

kitchen rugRug is in place…under my new/old table.  So. Excited!

These are just a few of the new things that have undergone some change here at the castle.  Hope you’ll come back by on Saturday so that I can show off my new eating area!

until next time…


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