It’s About Time!

Whew!  FINALLY!  The kitchen area is DONE!!!  After two rugs, waiting on orders to arrive, finally deciding on curtains, up cycling  chairs and table, new light fixtures and making my own drum shade – speaking of drums, can I get a drum roll please! – My kitchen eating area is done! Ta Da!!!! I am worn plum smooth!

Kitchen nook before

It started like this….

Not a bad start, but just a little tired.  Over time the table had become wobbly and the chandy had a short in it after a  w thanild Bunko mishap. Yeah, we get a little crazy going for those dice!

IMG_2185My friend Siana gave me this table, which was much smaller than the one I previously had in there. I was really skeered to  go smaller, but after painting the base black and refinishing the top to a darker stain.  I really, really liked it!

Wrong rugHere it is refinished.  Much better!

New ChairsAfter the table – came the chairs.  I painted them black to match the base and since my floor plan is very open to the living room area, I decided to use the houndstooth in black and white that I used on the back of a chair I recently upholstered.  Then  I add nickel nail head trim to give it a little “joory”. Love. Them.

Then it was on to the rug.  Which was a crazy adventure in it’s self!  I ordered a trellis patterned rug, but mistakenly ordered it too small! Ugh!  Then the wait was on for another to arrive.  I have had to learn patience people!  Finally, the new rug came in and I was so darn happy!

kitchen rugIt was perfect for my space!

IMG_2356Remember the “One Wild Night ruined Bunco channeler”?  Well, it had to be replaced and I found this cute thang at Home Depot for under  $100.00.  Woo Hoo!  I really loved it but had been looking at chandy’s with a drum shade.  Unfortunately, all of the ones I was looking at  – WAY out of my price range.  So I decided to make my own.

drum chandyA few 23″ embroidery hoops, some wire and organza material and Houston we have lift off!  I love it!

Vanlance beforeAnd last but certainly not least were the curtains.  It took me FOREVER to make a decision here.  I really, really wanted to do floor length panels.  However, I have a psycho cat and was really afraid that she would be swinging climbing all over them.  sigh….  I finally decided on valances.  Here is the one that was previously in the room.

Valance 4And here is what I ended up making.  Yes, I made them myself.  Guess I am just too picky and decided to make them  since I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

KItchen Window

Here is another view of the valances in the kitchen… Really like how they turned out!

So here is a picture of the completed project:

Kitchen eating areaI am so happy with how it turned out!  I also added new placemats and a new plant ( that I will probably kill soon, but I keep on trying!)

I can’t believe that I didn’t really change all that much but it took FOREVER! Or it seemed like it to me…  I am just so excited to get one room finished.  Well, at least I think I am finished.  Who knows what I will decide to change tomorrow!

Until next time….



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