It’s On Like Donkey Kong – The Quest to Find the Perfect Material!

Have you ever had one of those “when it’s right, it’s AWESOME!” moments?  I had one this past week… well, really it started about a month ago.  I was on-line reading a blog and noticed their curtains.  Oh, man!  It was love at first sight.  Seriously.  The Quest to find that material was on like Donkey kong!

I finally found out that it was a Waverley  Williamsburg pattern in ebony.  I could buy it on-line for $10.99 – as long as I bought 15 yards.  Not sure I could use quite that much material… OR I could  purchase it for $29.99 per yard.  Big Sigh.  The six yards that I needed would cost more than the 15 yards!  So then began the internal struggle of whether I wanted to spend more money and get less yardage or buy too much material and spend less money. Confused much? Yeah, me too!

I finally decided on too much material – less money.  I could always find a place to use material that I absolutely loved, right?  I got on-line and was ready to order and found out that – wait – IT WAS ON SALE!  Instead of $29.99, it was now $10.92 per yard.  It was MEANT TO BE!!

Fast forward a week and the material had arrived.  Peeps – it was even better in person!!!  I swear I heard angels singing, the sun was shining…pure bliss!  I was using this material in the living room.  Here is what it looked like before, without curtains.

No drapes 2

Sorry, it is so dark.. it’s been raining!  And did I mention that my house is dark?  For years I had full length panels that went from almost the the top of the ceiling, running down both the left and right sides, all the way to the floor.  It looked great but it was a TON of material.  And then my psycho cat decided that they ruined her view and out went the panels.  So they have stayed bare now for awhile as I debated what to replace them with. As you can see bare was not so good!

New drapes 1Here they are in all of their glory!  And I love them.  Really, really, love them.  They bring back the warmth, add color and just in general make me smile.  I want to just sit and admire them! GIRL SQUEAL!!!!

The curtains are just the first step in a mini up-date of the living area.  In the next couple of months I plan on purchasing a new sofa and rug.  Also, I have a couple of ideas about the TV wall… it’s all coming together!  But first I am still waiting on a rug for the kitchen dining area and have a few things left to do in the formal dining.  It ain’t easy being Queen of this castle!

Until next time…


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