Thank Goodness for Papa Joe and Honey Bunny’s!

Years ago my father-in-law, Joe Lagaly, started an Easter tradition in our family – home-made Honey Bunny’s.  We would go to church without breakfast, skip coffee and doughnuts in the church basement because we knew these wonderful culinary delights were waiting for us.  We knew that when we got to Papa Joe’s and Grandma Shirley’s house that everyone would find their own Easter Honey Bunny waiting for them.  In my book that was better than anything chocolate left by Mr. Easter Bunny!

Many years have come and gone since that tradition began.  We’ve moved to a different state, the kids have grown up, and we no longer get to visit Papa Joe after church. Thank Goodness Papa Joe was kind enough years ago to share his recipe with me  so that we would not go without on Easter morning! While mine may not be as good as Papa Joe’s they still bring back a ton of good memories

Honey Bunny

Yummm… I can’t wait for Easter morning!  Aren’t traditions wonderful?  I hope you are enjoying you Easter weekend.   Happy Easter!

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