It’s Too Early

inflatable halloween decor

We put the Castle on the market a few weeks ago. Which has put quite a few of my projects on hold for awhile. Since I can’t work on projects, I have been shopping! Have you been shopping lately? All of the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor is everywhere. I’ve only got one thing to say – it’s too early!!!!

Jack-o-lantern ribbon

While I feel that it is way too early to be shopping for the fall holidays, as a blogger, I acknowledge the need to work ahead.

So, what does that mean? It means that I couldn’t help myself from taking a little stroll through the isles!

This Jack-O-Lantern ribbon was one of the first things I spied.

The pumpkins remind me of the Halloween art that was around when I was growing up!

Halloween sign

This trick or treat sign is one of my favorites.

However, I found few more like it that I’m also in love with at Hob Lob.

I may have to make a few of my own!

halloween pillow

This trick or treat pillow caught my eye….

We all know that I have a throw pillow addiction, so this would be a fun addition to the thousands that I already have!

Skull door mat

This super cute glitter skull door mat is so cute!

I love it.

It’s the perfect combo of cute and spooky.

boo door mat

My second favorite door mat was this sweet Boo! mat.

Nothing spooky here, just a ton of cute!

pumpkin vanilla candle melts

Not only did they have a ton of Halloween decorations, but they had some very cute Thanksgiving items as well.

I loved the smell these Vanilla/Pumpkin scented wax squares.

For me the house needs to smell like fall as well as look like fall.

And, if you know anything about North Texas, you know that we really don’t have much of a fall season.

So we create our own!

Aren’t these cute fall camper and truck decorations cute?

I honestly would have taken that camper home, except I hope to be moving soon.

Christmas pillow

Okay, remember I said throw pillows may or may not be an issue for me?

My name is Tammy and I’m a pillowaholic…

Christmas sign

I saw this sign and couldn’t help laughing.

This one is so true, whether we like it or not, Christmas is coming.

No matter how much fun it is to stroll through the isles, day dreaming of the fall to come, I have to admit that I’m still in summer mode.

I’m still enjoying sipping sweet tea, watching the fireflies and floating in the pool!

It’s too early, and too hot, to even think about the upcoming holidays yet!

Until next time…

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