Cordless Vacuum Review

hoover vacuum

A cordless vacuum review isn’t normally the kind of thing I share with you. However, it occurred to me that if I was having a hard time deciding on which one to buy, that maybe you might be too.

Now, before I start with this review, you should know a couple of things. I am not getting paid to review this vacuum and I am no vacuum expert! Just a girl who wants a good, reliable vacuum that works and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

cordless vacuum

What started my looking for a new vacuum was that the hose on my upright broke.

Hands down, there were two vacuums that were referred to me by almost everyone that I spoke to.

The Dyson cordless vacuum and the Roomba.

Now, I like the thought of a Roomba, but know myself enough to know that I would need a vacuum that had attachments. So the Roomba was out.

P.S. I have not one but TWO girlfriends who have Roombas that they love so much that they have names for them. Think Sergio….tempting, but no.

I loved the features that the Dyson promised but hated the price tag that went with it.

Then , I saw a fellow blogger on Insta say how much she like this vacuum.

Cordless vacuum attachments

Two days later, the Hoover vacuum was on sale on Prime day.


It came with a ton of attachments, including a wall hanger.

cordless vacuum

It was super easy to put together, light weight and it easily fits under the edges of furniture.

cordless vacuum, black coffee table

The thing I like best about it – it easily can reach under my coffee table as it can almost lay flat and still have suction.

That’s a big win for me!

Also, it is not only great on carpet, it rocks on hardwoods AND medium weight throw rugs.

Which is a huge plus for me, as I have a house full of hard surfaces and rugs!

cordless vacuum battery

Now for the list of cons.

This vacuum only comes with one battery.

Which, is not that big of a deal, unless you are doing some heavy duty cleaning in a large house.

The good news is that you can purchase extra batteries, which I will be doing!

hand held vacuum

Another negative is that the canister is small.

For me, this isn’t that big of a deal, but it may be for some.

I like that there are no bags and it is recommended that the filter be rinsed out in the sink.

Since I bought my vacuum in a bundle on Amazon Prime day, the cordless vacuum came with a hand held vacuum that also runs on the same battery.

hand held vacuum

I love this!

I love that this hand held picks up the slack for the cordless.

One last negative, which may or may not be a negative for you, there is no storage for all of the attachments!

My OCD goes a little crazy on the small details. Sigh.

That’s everything. I hope that this cordless vacuum review helps those of you, who are just like me, lost in the world of vacuums.

Until next time…


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