Kitchen Table Update

I never know where or what room inspiration will hit.  I really HAVE been working to finish up the dining/entry area of the castle but sometimes things happen –  something breaks, you receive a gift,  or you get tired of the same old thing and the next thing you know you are updating your kitchen table. Hey!  Don’t judge. It happens.

This is my dining room now..

Kitchen nook before


Not bad…just a little tired.  And the table???  I LOVE the size and that it is round but it is on it’s last leg!  Really falling apart. I have updated the turquoise hutch already, but really need a new table and chairs, a rug – maybe an updated chandelier? This one I bought at a garage sale and repurposed it 9 years ago when we moved into the house.  After a really wild bunko game where the chandelier became a casualty, it hangs a bit crooked and one of the lights doesn’t work anymore.  Fun times!

Recently, a friend who is selling her second home called and asked if I would like some of the furniture.  Heck yes!  My house may be full  of furniture waiting to be up cycled, waiting to be sold or waiting for clients to pick up, but I will NEVER turn down free furniture.  Ever! I couldn’t wait for the moving truck to arrive.

Lucky me.  My friends shipment arrived and in it was a round table! My current one is 58 inches in diameter and the new one is only 48 inches…which really makes me skeert.  Just the thought of downsizing gives me the hives!  The up side to all of this is that it was always hard for me to find a rug that I loved and one that was in my budget for the table due to it’s size.  So one for the 48″ should be a breeze.  Also, this table is HARD wood people!  Almost indestructible.  So I am gonna go for it!  Worst case ?  I find something else.  Still skeert!

Here is the before of the new table.

new kitchen table before

So here is my list of things to do:

Replace table and chairs – this means refinishing the top of the table, painting the chairs and recover the seats.  All six of them.

Find a new rug to go under the table.

Find a new chandelier – in my price range

AND I am sure along the way I will be adding some new decor cuz that is just how I roll!

Easy right? We shall see… come back on Monday when I will show you what I’ve gotten done so far.

Until then….

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