My Pretty Crown Pillow

Not only have I been working on my dining room, I have also started my living room.  In my heart I knew it was coming due to the open floor plan and the fact that my husband HATED our sectional.  I just didn’t think I would be starting so soon.  When the Hubs said that I could sell the sectional,  I did not hesitate. At. All.  I had it on Facebook in 30 minutes and had sold it in an hour.  The buyer picked it up in three!  Woo Hoo!  Right?  Until I had to think of something to sit on!  So we moved the media room sofa down stairs until I can find the perfect sofa.  But that is a whole other post!  So this is how I ended up with my pretty crown pillow.

The sofa we moved down is a neutral and the sofa I will be buying will be a neutral also, so I felt pretty safe in adding pillows and decor to match. Kinda like getting the cart before the horse!  But hey, I KNOW  it won’t be a clydesdale! Just a plain old horse! I was looking for new pillows for the new sofa but nothing I saw really felt right.  I was at World Market and came across the CUTEST hand towel or as my Granny used to say “Tea towel”.  It was perfect for me – french- crowns- topography- right up my alley!  I knew right then I was going to make it into a pillow!

tea towel

I folded it in half and it measured out at 20 X 14.  Not a common size so I was resigned to finding a pillow form in the closest size and adjusting the towel to the form. Luck was with me!  I found this awesome feather down pillow at Home Goods.

bonne Nuit pillowI must be living right because it measured 20 X 14 – exactly! Maybe it is more common than I thought!

Pillow priceAnd not only was it the perfect size – IT WAS ON SALE!  Woo Hoo!

pillow zipperAnd to make it even more perfect it had a zipper to remove the pillow form…pure bliss…

I cut the towel in half, put right sides together and sewed up all sides leaving about eight inches open on the bottom to put the pillow form in.  Turned it right side out – pressed and added the form.  Then I hand stitched the opening shut.  I promise it maybe took me 45 minutes start to finish!  And I love the finished project!!!!


The queens pillowHere is my pretty little crown pillow.    So easy anyone can do it!

Until next time!






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