Last Minute 4th of July Decorations

Summer is flying by and the last thing on my mind has been decorating for the 4th of July.  Today it occurred to me that I am running out time!  Last minute 4th of July decorations should be easy, economical and fun.

So I gave myself a  little challenge. Could I decorate for the 4th of July with little expense and do it in under an hour? The quest was on!

For me, the 4th of July is all about family, friends and fun. I want to spend as little time as possible decorating and cooking. More time enjoying the company and having a good time.

First thing I did was pull out all of the decorations from past 4th of Julys. I found these bandanas and paper lanterns.

A quick trip to the Dollar General store and I had some patriotic buntings, pinwheels and some Command strips! My grand total: $12.00.

I started with my front door wreath. It is in such sad shape that I think this will be it’s last year. I cut the handles off of the pinwheels and glued them onto the wreath for a quick  15 minute up date!

Hanging the paper lanterns in the trees above my patio took the bulk of my time. A Whopping 30 minutes! I have different lanterns up all summer long. They are inexpensive and give the patio a party atmosphere. Only 15 minutes left!

Tying the bandanas around my existing patio pillows instantly updated them. I love this idea because when the 4th is over, I simply untie the bandanas and put them away. Let’s face it, I already hoard  store way too many pillows here at the Castle! 5 minutes left and counting.

Next up, the bar by the grill, it was looking plain and sad. I hung the patriotic bunting to the front using my Command hooks.  My new metal bucket was a perfect container for some flowers. I just dropped an existing plant into the bucket and my last minute 4th of July decorations were done, with one minute to spare.

My patio looks even better at night!

Speaking of looking better at night, my new pink flamingo is stunning!

Okay, not technically a  4th of July decoration, but I couldn’t resist….

I’m feeling pretty good now that I’m ready for the 4th. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday.



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