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My bestie, Roxanne, and I did something a little different for each others birthday’s this year. We gave each other the gift of DIY classes.

I gave her a glass blowing class and she gave me a pottery class!

I will admit that I took pottery class in my high school art 3 program, but that has been a very long time ago!  Roxanne found a place in Fort Worth, TX and quickly signed us up for pottery class.

The first step in making our clay masterpieces was to prepare the clay. We rolled it several times through a machine to flatten it out.

Once it was flattened, it was ready for us to add our designs.

Luckily, the studio had  a lot of inspiration for us to look at and decide what we wanted to make, the glaze we wanted on our piece and the designs we wanted to incorporate.

This serving bowl was done by a previous master student. Isn’t it  pretty? I would have love to have seen the finished product!

Once we decided what we were going to make, it was time to decorate the piece.

I rolled my design onto my clay.

Then stamped on a few bees.


Since I was making a bowl, the next step was to give my clay a bowl shape. We simply sat it on top of another bowl and dropped a weight in the middle to create the bowl shape.

Once  I had the bowl shaped, I then smoothed out the edges.

This is Roxanne’s bowl. I love the flowers and the dragonflies! So pretty.

Once all of this was done, it was time for the hard part. Waiting for them to be fired and ready to be picked up. We had to wait a month!

So, how did they turn out?

I think that they turned out pretty good! Roxanne chose a green glaze that had a turquoise, sage feel to it.

Of course, I chose navy!

I think our bowls turned out pretty good. They are definitely a reflection of ourselves!

More importantly, it was a wonderful birthday gift and I had a fun time with my bestie that I will remember forever. Thank you Roxanne for the wonderful pottery class!



Tammy from Patina and Paint