Last Minute 4th of July Decor

It’s been so hot here in North Texas that I’ve been hard pressed to do anything but float in the pool. My procrastination is why I spent the last weekend getting all of my last minute 4th of July decor completed. Well, that and my sweet sister is coming in for the weekend.


I started with the front porch and worked my way through the castle. Sprinkling a little 4th of July cheer as I went.

Last minute 4th of July decor

I learned a lot as I was decorating for the 4th.

Once you have glitter in the house, it never really goes away. EVER!

I really need a mani/pedi.

My mailbox needs to have a little overhaul. More on that later.

The front door has a festive wreath. Filled with glitter!

The flower pots have a patriotic feel with small American flags!

Last minute 4th of July decor

I bought several buntings a few years ago and have never found a good place for them.

Not sure this is the best place either, but couldn’t resist putting at least one of them out.


I was cleaning out my Pinterest pins when I came across  a monogramed mailbox.

I quickly cut a vinyl monogram out on my Silhouette and couldn’t wait to install it.

Thats when I found that my mailbox has rusted and the rust has spread to the stone address marker.

Ugh. How have I not noticed this before?

Definitely a facelift in it’s future!


Adding the monogram is the easy part.

Just cut it out.


Clean the mailbox.

As I was cleaning I couldn’t help but think it was time for a Mani!

Then I dropped the cleaning cloth and realized that I could benefit from a Pedi too…

mailbox monogram

Rub on the vinyl.

mailbox monogram

That’s it.

I wanted to add red, white and blue stars.

Unfortunately, I was out of red vinyl.

What I love about this project is I can change it with the seasons.

I honestly don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner?


Remember I said that it was hot?

I’m not one to sit a lot with out a project.

So, I decided to make a little decoration for my fireplace mantle.


A few flags and a new patriotic banner help get my living room 4th of July ready.


I saved my favorite part for last.

Y’all know how I love to hang paper lanterns on the partio!

I hung these same ones last year.

Honestly, these are my favorite last minute 4th of July decor.

They make me smile as I sit under them drinking my early morning tea.

My heart sings when I look at them in the evening when the patio lights are on.

I hope that you have finished your last minute decorating and are gearing up for the fireworks, fireflies and the fun of summer!

Until next time….





    1. Thank you Stacey. My BFF and I dubbed our backyard spaces as Partios years ago. We are like little old people rocking on the back porch late in the summer evenings. We do love it. I think everyone needs a Partio!

    1. Cindy we have been in our current house 13 years and it has taken us that long to carve out a space or two that we love in the back yard. It’s definitely an on going process for sure. Now if I could just put air conditioner back there! lol!

    1. Judy I will put up the instructions for the banner in my next post. However, if you don’t want to wait that long here are the basics. Measure out and cut string or jute the length of choice. Material: I used fat quarters for the quilting section at Hob Lob. Cut 1″, 1 1/2″,and 2″strips. Then tie onto the jute. Its ready to hang. Hope this helps!

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