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4th of July Kitchen

Last weekend was Uncle Kahron’s annual BBQ.  Otherwise known as the Lagaly Family BBQ. The BBQ was so much fun and it was awesome to get to be with all 28 in attendance!  We slept 16 here at the castle. We joke every year that if we get anymore sleeping over we will be sleeping on the pool floats! All joking aside, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now that the Lagaly family BBQ is over, it is time to decorate for the 4th of July.  My 4th of July kitchen is one of my favorite places.

Lagaly family BQ

pinwheels and napkin rings

No matter what the season I try to add one or two new things to my existing decor.

If I don’t add anything new, I at least try to mix the old up a little bit.

Last year, I bought quite a few pinwheels and decided to use them again this year.

However, I’m using them in a slightly different way.

Pinwheel napkin rings!

glue gun

Making the pinwheel napkin rings couldn’t be easier.

Cut the pinwheel off of its handle.

Add hot glue to the back to keep it together.

glue gun

Add a little glue to the napkin ring.

Stick the pinwheel on to the napkin ring.

You are done!4th of July Kitchen

For my 4th of July table, I started with the star placemats I made last year.

Once that was done, I layered a white plate with a white and navy salad plate.

Then I dressed it up with a pinwheel napkin ring, using a bandana for a napkin.

I love using mason jars as a drinking glass.

It brings to mind hot summer days drinking sweet tea and lemonade!


My centerpiece was super easy too!

A crown tray holds all of my essentials like salt and pepper.

One of my white pitchers became a focal point once I fill it out with red geraniums, pinwheels and a flag.

4th of July kitchen

My 4th of July kitchen table couldn’t be simpler!


Changing my chalkboard is always part of my holiday kitchen decor.

This year I added the patriotic fans to give the chalkboard a little more drama!

I love it!

My 4th of July kitchen is fun without a lot of fuss.

Kind of like us.

Now I’m ready to decorate outside!

Until next time….




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