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Laundry Room Lighting

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laundry light 7

A few months ago I gave my laundry room a mini face lift.  Added some paper to the back of the shelving, new baskets, new rug etc. At the time I was looking for a chandelier for the room but had’t found one that was the right size or the right price.  Today I am so happy to say that I finally found the laundry room light that I love!

laundry light 4

The hubs and I were in Lowe’s on a Friday evening – yep we are the exciting couple! Of course I check out the main cross isles because that’s where they put all of their sale items – especially late Friday before the weekend. You just never know what you are going to find.

This time I found my laundry room light!  I was looking for a chandelier. But the ceiling height is 8 ft. and the room is narrow and small. With two doors that swing into the room. So it had to be just the right scale. If I found the right size, it didn’t put out enough light. Or if  I found one I loved it was like $500.00! Ouch! Not in my budget.

When I saw this light I knew it was perfect even if it wasn’t a chandelier!  It had tons of real crystals and it was only $25.03!!!! Woo Hoo! It had been $159.00 – a special order someone had returned.

laundry light 6

I started by putting on all of the crystals…. which wasn’t too bad about a half an hour. Sorry about all the clutter in the background… I couldn’t wait to put this baby together!

laundry light

And then the hubs hung it for me! YES! Sorry about the picture quality… It is so hard to get a good photo of lighting! But I think you can see most of the detail here… Pretty! yes?

laundry light 3

My beauty all lit up….

laundry light 1

One last quick look at the completed laundry room….Girl Squeal! So darn excited to have one room done. Well… for now.

Until next time…

Tammy from Patina and Paint


  1. That is totally awesome! I absolutely love your whimsical artistic flair! And this “hubs” you keep talking about must be an incredible dude and a total doll! Keep up the fun and treat the “hubs” right!!

    1. Rox,
      Thanks so much for the sweet and encouraging words. You are so right – My Hubs totally rocks. I think he is a keeper!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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