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Tyler’s Chair Before and After

Tyler chair B&A

There is a trend that has been around for awhile – skulls.  My son Tyler LOVES them. On everything. So for his birthday, I  recovered and painted a sad little chair for him. I can’t wait to show you Tyler’s chair before and after!

Tyler Chair 3

This is the sad little chair. Great bones. Really old and ratty upholstery. My mission: Paint the wood black, add silver accents.  Reupholster the fabric part with some really cool and fun fabric. In other words: Make it Fabulous!

Tyler chair 4

I took apart the upholstery and used it for a pattern for the new fabric (thank you Amazon!). I am not gonna lie, the seat cushion was a beast! This is one time that using the existing fabric for a pattern wasn’t the best idea.

The fabric had stretched out on one side of the cushion causing the pattern to be off. Really off.  Problem was I didn’t realize it until it was too late. So I have a slightly “off” cushion. One side being slightly larger than the other. Honestly, unless your looking for it you might not even notice. It just drives me crazy!  Sigh. Note to self: Lay out both sides together and make sure that they are the same before cutting out the new fabric!

Tyler chair 1

Here is Tyler’s finished chair. I used two different fabrics for interest. The skull pattern and men’s suiting material.  A party on the top and all business on the bottom!

Tyler chair 2

I used an oil based metallic silver sharpie to outline the detail on the chairs legs and arms.

tyler chair

When I picked up this chair I really thought that reupholstering it would be a breeze. Turns out that of all of the chairs I have redone it was definitely the most challenging!

Even though the cushion is a little wonky – I think he likes it.  YES! Which is all that really matters! I can’t wait to give it to him!!

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