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Leaving the Night Light on…

Night light on

Before the never ending torrential rains that we have been having, we actually had a few good days that we were able to work in the back yard. I love being outside and as much as I love being outdoors during the day, if your family is anything like mine, you are outside as much in the evening.

There is nothing better than great lighting during the evening hours. Today I want to share with you how I am leaving the night light on!

yard 1

I shared with you how we hung shade sails over the patio here. Well, despite my indecision I really do like it.  I still wanted to give it a little bling…Oh, come on, you know I was going to!

night light 4

We hung the shade sail using wire cable, so it was super easy to add string lights to it using zip ties.  Festive, yes?

night light 6

Here is the side angle. I already had these lights and had enough to cover all three lengths of cable that held up the sails. ( if you are wondering what that crazy crop circle is, you are gonna have to wait until a later post. It’s a surprise! Yep I am mean like that.) We are going to put the string lights on a switch so that if we decide that we want to watch the stars it will easy to turn them off.

night light

Not only do I like my lighting to be overhead, but I love landscape lighting. In the front yard we have pathway lighting and up lights on the house. I have a few in the flower beds in the back yard, but my favorite lighting is the lighting around my pond. We get to sit outside and enjoy not only the soothing sounds of the pond, but get to look at it too. night light 1

I used to hate LED lighting. They weren’t very bright and usually gave off a weird glow. And don’t even get me started on Christmas LED lights…. but lately I have come to appreciate how the soft glow that LED’s give off can be a good thing. I bought this lantern at my ACE hardware for $9.99 and it is perfect on my little cafe table. Just enough light to see without attracting a ton of bugs. Gotta love that! It doesn’t hurt that it is super cute either.

finished wash lantern

And if you remember these mason jar solar lights that I made last year… I still have those on the patio too. Now they sell the mason jars with the solar lid – you don’t have to make your own unless you really want to!Lantern at nightKinda hard to get pics of these at night but this will give you an idea of how great they work.

I am no lighting expert by any means. But I DO love using lighting to dress up my yard. If you think about it, using lighting outside isn’t that much different than using lighting inside. You need it to see at night and it is great way to set the mood.

So come on over – I’ll be leaving the night light on – just for you!

Until next time….


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