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Laundry Room Facelift

Darrla Laundryroom

My sweet seester Darrla has been talking about giving her laundry room a facelift for awhile now. One problem. She hates to paint. Say whaaaaatttt???? I KNOW, I have been telling her she is adopted for years! Just kidding.. Since I love to paint, I told her that when she was ready I would be there with paint brush in hand. Cuz we all know I lurve to paint.

darrla laundry 6

I should tell you that she rents her home so she is limited to what kind of laundry room facelift she can make. Her walls? Yup, she can paint. Her cabinets and woodwork? Nope.  We so wanted to paint it all a bright white.  So… here is what we started with – a lot of brown. A room with four, count them FOUR doors in it. Decorating and painting nightmare.

darrla laundry 8I can not say it enough … paint can rock your world! We painted this room a soothing light turquoise with a hint of green. Here it looks very light blue… hard to get great pics with not much light.

darrla laundry 3

My sister Darrla had already added the baskets and her awesome dog.  Last time we were at her house the hubs hung this stellar chandy for her… love it! Get this – the girl can find a deal – she found this chandy for $4.00! Guess she really is my sister after all. She also added new glass handles to the doors above the washer and dryer.. she is still on the fence whether they work for her or not.

darrla laundry 1

I think her little dog is the star of the room… we even added a little bling for some fun!

darrla laundry

This sweet little mirror is perfect for checking makeup and hair before grabbing your keys and heading out.

darrla laundry 5This laundry room is small and doubles as her mudroom, so having this long rack is a must for jackets, purses and all the nick, nack, paddy-crap we all need to keep up with in everyday life.

darrla laundry 4

She found this really cool rug and it was what we took our cue from. You can’t really see it but it has black, navy, turquoise, white, gray and a tiny bit of lime green. We hung new blinds and added cafe curtains in two coordinating patterns to the long window on the door.

darrla laundry 6

So just a recap… from this… boring beige and brown.

darrla laundry 7

to this… a light, bright , soothing blue laundry room facelift.

It really is true. Paint makes all the difference! I think my seester is very happy with her laundry room facelift.  On my next visit we are going to tackle her “sunshine” ceiling in her kitchen…shhhh, don’t tell!

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