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Lego Table

lego table 10

I am the mother of two adult boys, so I guess you could say I have a soft spot for little boys. I love all the things that go with little boys. The toys, the mess, the pets, the hugs – I even miss the crazy science experiments that I used to find in the refrigerator freezer. ( think swamp monster action figure frozen in red and green water in a cup OR whatever bug they wanted to preserve for another day.)  I never knew what I was going to find. Crazy, I know.

When my friend Siana gave me a couple of old end tables I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, so I put them in the to do pile in the castle’s shop and went on to other projects. And then I saw an end table on Pinterest, much like those she gave me, made into a children’s play table and I knew that one of those old end tables needed to be made into a Lego table.

lego table 11

The tables were made of solid wood and in great shape structurally, but the finish needed to be redone. One problem was that there were leather inserts that needed help but that was way out of my experience level. So painting them was okay with me.

lego table 6

The Hubs is sidelined for awhile due to injury, so I asked my oldest if he would like to collaborate with me on this one.  He took the bin I wanted to put in the top and made a template of the hole he needed to cut into the top of the table.

lego table 9

Using the template he drew where he wanted to cut on the top of the table.

lego table 7

Then using a hole saw he drilled a hole in all four corners.

lego table 8After drilling all four holes, he used a jig saw and cut the straight lines between the holes.

lego table 1I gave it a couple of coats of Waverly chalk paint in red. Then a couple of coats of spray poly.

lego table 4

After that it was just a matter of dropping in the  bin on the top and attaching the Lego plate. This plate was 10″ X 10″.  I really wanted to use the 15″ X 15″ plates  however, the leather insert area is slightly raised in the middle, so that larger plate didn’t fit flush.

lego table

Here is the finished Lego table complete with Legos that I dragged out of storage. ( yeah, I’m the mom who is still storing all of the little boy toys! Some day they will come and pick them up, right?) Even with the 10″ X 10″  plate there is plenty of room to build!

lego table 3

The bin is perfect for Lego storage. I think that the easy access may make putting them away a breeze for little ones. Better stored here than food for the vacuum cleaner, right?

I loved working on this project, it’s fun and useful. But I really loved working on this project with my son! Brings back so many wonderful memories…even the crazy ones.

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