Summer Flower Arrangement

hyd cp 5As sad as it is, summer is coming to a close. School is back in session and all too soon we will be decorating for fall, Halloween and (gulp!) Christmas. It just goes by so darn fast! So I thought that one more summer flower arrangement would help me keep summer here a little bit longer.

hyd cp 2

I’ve had this container for a lot of years. I’ve had it in my bathroom lined with towels to hold all of the girly bath bubbles, salts and creams. I’ve actually planted real flowers in it, so why not a faux summer flower arrangement?

As you can see it is not exactly solid, so lining it with sheet moss helps keep all of the arrangement from falling through. Once that was done I put styrofoam in the bottom.

hyd cp 9

Next came my hydrangeas…behind peonies these are my favorites. I am currently trying to actually grow real ones. The growing season here has been challenging at best. Torrential rains followed by record heat. Not so great for plants. So… faux plants it is!

After adding the flowers, I added in some leaves and leafy sticks to fill in any holes. Yeah.. I am a real technical flower arranger… Plus, the extra flora and fauna look good! It’s a win, win!

hyd cp

My summer flower arrangement looks great on my kitchen table. More than anything it makes me feel like summer is here to stay just a little bit longer.

Are you ready for fall? Or maybe your like me…holding on to summer for just a little bit longer?

Until next time….


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