Library Mural Sneak Peek

en mural 4

Some of you may not know it, but I used to be a Librarian. For realz! Don’t laugh… It was my dream job. I loved everything about it and had we not moved, I might still be working at the El Reno Carnegie Library in the children’s section.

I was excited beyond belief when my BFF Rox called and said that her daughter Ashley had taken the school librarians job. How darn fun! Ashley wondered if we would be interested in painting murals all around her library? Oh, heck yes! We aren’t even close to being done, but I couldn’t wait to show you what we have been working on… here is our library mural sneak peek!

em mural 1

Ashley put together a list of all her favorite books that she would like for us to paint and told us to go for it… so we did! We painted the Lorax…

EM mural 3

Some truffula trees and a Swomee-swan…

I love Dr. Seuss! He always has some pretty fun characters and bright fun colors!

em mural 2

And sweet Devereaux the mouse… We painted him above Ashely’s door!

em mural

Of course everyone loves Shell Silverstein’s The Giving Tree… can’t leave that one out! (My BFF Rox has been working on those tree leaves for days! )

I hope that her students enjoy the murals as much as we have enjoyed painting them. Remembering reading these books to our children has been an added bonus…good times!

I can’t wait to show you our progress as we go. So don’t forget to check back to see what books we are painting next… it might just be your favorite!

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  1. Oh how the students and the school are so fortunate to have a wonderful artist such as you to enhance the walls of the library with your beautiful artwork. I am sure the students and the staff are over the moon happy….Beautiful, beautiful job!

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