Lighted Garden Orb


Garden orb in the garden

Hey y’all! This week on Craft with Us we decided to make something for our gardens. I’m sharing a lighted garden orb that is so easy anyone can make it!

Dollar Tree Garden orb and fairy light strand

A few weeks ago I found these cute garden orbs at the Dollar Tree . I purchased two and promptly popped one in my front garden immediately. ( see first photo above.)

I love it, however I felt like the second one that I was going to put on my back porch could be – well, better.

Who wouldn’t love a garden orb wrapped in fairy lights?

blue tape on a garden orb

The garden orb comes with four rings and two end pieces.

Each end piece wraps around each ring making it stationary.

However, the end pieces were silver.

To make them disappear I gave both a quick coat of black spray paint.

Then assembled the orb per the instructions that came with it.

Next, using blue tape, I attached the fairy light battery pack to the bottom of the orb.

wrapping a garden orb with fairy lights

Once the battery pack was attached I started wrapping  the light string around each ring.

taping tow battery packs together

Since I used fairy lights I had on hand, my lights strand weren’t long enough to cover all of the rings.

So I needed to  use two strands.

To make it easy to wrap and later turn on the lights I taped the battery packs together.

Continue to wrap lights around the rings until all rings are covered in lights.

battery packs glued together

Once the rings are covered in lights I took off the blue tape and hot glued the packs together.

Having the packs together in one place makes it much easier to turn on the lights!

Garden orb in a planter

I placed the lighted garden orb on top of this raise metal flower pot, weaving the plants in and out of the orb.

I plan on weaving the ivy around the orb as it grows.

Garden orb

So how does it look all lit up at night?

Pretty good!

Until next time…


Lighted Garden Orb

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  1. Love this idea. I have some of the rings. Thanks for the idea will look great on my back porch

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