Summer In The Guest Bedroom

Summer In the Guest Bedroom

Hey ya’ll! Summer is here is full swing at the Castle. We just hosted my husbands family BBQ here and boy did we have fun. However, during all the planning, shopping and cleaning one thing became apparent. I needed to bring a little summer in the guest bedroom!

Seriously, a few things just weren’t working in there and I knew they needed to be addressed.

While I was thinking about how to address those issues, I also realized that the room was a little dark for the Summer season.

My friend Terrie from Decorate With Tip and More is giving her guest room a little facelift too so we will be sharing our room redo’s together!

One room at a time - Guest room

This is what my guest room looks like now.

The issues?

Some of the furniture is too big for this space.

The dresser is too big and the armoire in the corner takes up a lot of valuable real estate.


Step 1

So, what’s the plan?

I plan on getting rid of the dresser and moving a smaller black one in that I have in another room.

Armoire in guest room

The armoire will get re-homed to another room in our home.

White matelasse quilt

Step 2

I’m going to lighten up the space by adding in these white matelasse quilts for the beds.

Growing up we always had quilts on the beds in the summer.

They are the perfect weight!

Blue and white pillow covers

I’m going  to keep these blue and white plaid pillows that are already on the bed as well as the navy quilts that I am currently using as bedspreads.

They will be perfect folded at the end of the bed for color, texture and as an added blanket for cooler summer nights.

Floral Pillow covers

To add in some fun Summer color I’m adding in these pretty floral pillow covers too!


One room at a time - Guest room

There will be a few more fun additions that I will add as I decorate, but for the most part I will be keeping most of the items in the bedroom!

I hope you come back on Friday to see step 1 in the mini guest room update!

Terrie Guest room dream board

Now I’m heading to Terrie’s to see what she has planned for her guest bedroom!


Until next time…


Summer In the Guest Bedroom

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    1. Thanks Terrie… really I just want to lighten it up for Summer and change out a few overly large pieces of furniture!

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