Lovin’ Up On My Besties

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Lovin' Up on my besties

We are certainly living in uncertain times right now. So what better time to let those around you know how much they mean to you? Intentionally celebrate  them every day. That’s why today I’m sharing how I’m Lovin’ up on my besties! 

I would love to say that this is a new concept, however I got this idea from Brittany Young, The original Certified Celebrator!

This girl is truly the happiest person on the planet. She truly encourages you to intentionally celebrate the people in your life and build joyfully celebrated homes. In todays world, you gotta love that!

freezer gel tumbler

All of Brittany’s projects are just the cutest ever!

A little sprinkle, a little glitter, a bow here or there.

The girl speaks my language!

So today on a grocery run, I spied the cutest little acrylic ball tumblers.

Party balls!

They are colorful, a fun size and they are filled with freezer gel to help keep your drink ice cold while you’re sitting outside enjoying the sun.

Or in this case, it will keep our beverages cold while we all get together via Zoom this week.

freezer gel ball tumblers

Since there are 8 of my besties, aka The Queens, I had to decide what colors to pick up. There were 4 colors, hot pink, blue, green and orange. So I bought two colors of each. Once I got them home I couldn’t wait to embellish them just a little bit.

Come on! You knew I wasn’t going to leave them plain….

flower patterned vinyl

Since I love my name or a good monogram on just about everything, I decided to go with the names this time. I had this fun vinyl with all the colors of the tumblers, plus a few more, and knew it would be a subtle, yet fun, embellishment. I found a fun font, LW Dazzle, and cut out all of the Queens names to fit on the tumbler.

freezer gel ball tumblers with vinyl names

Once I had the vinyl names put on each tumbler, I added a fun bow to the top of each tumbler. 

freezer gel ball tumblers

I have to say, that they are pure eye candy. All of that color…I’ll probably add a cute little gift tag to each tumbler, letting my besties know just how special they are. My plan is to do a drive-by and drop these tumblers off.

Front Porch Delivery!

Then send them a quick little text to check out the front porch.

acrylic ball tumblers

I’ve had so much fun with this that I’m thinking this will be the year of celebrating friends, family and neighbors. It occurred to me that there are a thousand little things that I could do that hopefully would make someone smile. Seriously, lovin’ up on my besties couldn’t be more fun. I hope that they love these little glasses as much as I love them!

Until next time….

Tammy from Patina and Paint

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