Make a Fall Throw

Ten on the 10th took the summer off, but we are back and ready to rock the fall! Ten bloggers sharing fun ideas on the tenth of the month for under $10. Today I want to show you how to make a fall throw for under $10!

It is super easy and only takes a few things to make it! My kind of project.

Here’s what you will need to make a fall throw:

1 1/2 yards of flannel fabric


Seam ripper

I bought my fabric at Wal Mart for $5.94 per yard. Making this throw cost me just under $10!

Here’s how to make your throw:

Square up your piece of material. Unfortunately, most fabric stores don’t cut your fabric in straight lines. Luckily for you, most flannel fabrics have a pattern that make cutting it square a breeze. No need to mark your fabric, just cut down a straight line! Do this on both cut ends.

Sew a line one inch from the ends of your fabric:

You are going to “fray” your fabric on each cut end to make a fringe. Sewing this line ensures two things. 1. That you have an even amount of fringe and 2. that when you wash your throw it doesn’t fray more than the intended inch.

Don’t have a sewing machine? You could hand sew a line using embroidery floss in a complimentary color. Make the stitches a little larger and heavier. Give it a cool I did this on purpose embellished look!

Fray your cut ends:

I’m not sure if “fray” is the correct term, but that’s what this step reminds me of! I used a seam ripper to gently pull out threads running horizontally to your sewn line to create fringe.

This took me a little time to finish this step. It’s perfect for a project in front of the TV.

Each end took me about an hour each. Sit back, relax and enjoy the process!

This is my finished fall throw. I couldn’t be happier with it. I love that it is warm and fuzzy, plus it has the perfect colors for my fall house!

Here’s another quick tip: You could also make two beautiful fall/winter scarves using the same amount of material and procedure.  Simply cut the material down the middle, then follow the same steps as you did to make a fall throw. At $5.00 each these make awesome gifts.

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  1. Good morning! My son made a few of these when he was a teenager. I’m going to make one for my front porch! Thanks for the reminder and I love the flannel you chose.

  2. Tammy, what a great idea for a fall throw. And the plus besides being inexpensive is you can have whatever color, pattern, and size you want. I make be trying this one myself soon.

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