Pumpkins on the Porch

I’ve been trying to bring a little fall to the castle. I started on the inside and have moved out to the front entry. I started by adding a few pumpkins on the porch. With the cooler temperatures, fall is definitely in the air! 

My front porch is not easy to decorate at all! It is small and very tall. A challenge to say the least.

With all of the rain we’ve been getting here in Texas, we turned off our sprinkler system. The rains finally stopped, thank goodness. Did we remember to turn the sprinklers back on? No, we did not!  No amount of CPR or water was going to revive the flowers by the time I remembered that they need to be watered. Unfortunately, they were way past reviving. The flowers had to go.

Once the flowers were gone, my first step was to add a base for my pumpkin to sit on. I had dirt in the bottom of the planter, but not enough to for a solid base for the pumpkin to sit on. I stuffed the pot with old grocery bags and topped them off with floral foam.

Let’s face it, the floral foam and trash bags are pretty ugly.  Adding a few sheets of moss was the perfect fix.

Next, I placed a grapevine wreath on top of the planter.  I love the organic look!

Since I’m originally from Oklahoma, I added a few wheat stems to the grapevine wreath for a little interest.

I can’t believe that I actually bought wheat! I’m sure a few of my farmer friends from back home are rolling their eyes and thinking I could have just asked them for a handful!

These bittersweet floral stems add some much needed color to the arrangement.

A big, oversized burlap bow is the perfect embellishment!

Adding the pumpkin was the final step to completing the planter arrangement. I went back and forth on the color of the pumpkin. Honestly, I usually go with orange colored pumpkins, but I felt like the white worked better with the organic elements. For now at least.

My arrangement is finished, now it’s time to add some mums, a wreath and maybe a sign to finish up my fall front porch.

I really love the pumpkins on the porch! Now it’s time to sit back, drink some apple cider and enjoy the fall!

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