Easy Fabric Carrots

fabric carrots

Welcome to the Creative Blog Hop! Every third Thursday a group of crafty bloggers get together and share fun crafts. Today I’ll be sharing how to make easy fabric carrots. I’ve been wanting  some really large fabric carrots, but didn’t want to pay large carrot prices. So I decided to make a few – or ten or twenty – to add to my Easter decor.

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Before we get started I’d like to thank Sara from Birdz of a Feather for hosting, if you haven’t been to her site, be sure and check it out!

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Now let’s get started!

supplies to make fabric carrots


You are going to need the fabric of your choice for the carrot body and the carrot leaves.

A sewing machine or fabric glue


Card stock



Needle and Thread

Jute in the color of your choice

Making the Carrot

To make the carrot body, I took the corner of the fabric and folded it inward to create a cone shape.

Make sure that the wrong side of the fabric is facing outward.

Honestly, I started using patterns that I had drawn  to make the carrot, but it was so much easier to do it this way.

Pin the fabric in place and cut the cone shape out.

measuring out a leaf pattern

Carrot leaves

I ended up using 3 different sizes of leaves for my carrot toppers.

For small carrots I drew out a 2 x 2 square on card stock.

Medium leaves will need a 3 x 3 square and large leaves will be 4 x 4.

cutting out a leaf pattern

Cut all of these out and cut off the top outside corners to make them rounded.

Once you have your pattern, lay it out onto the  fabric  and cut out 2 per leaf.

You will need 3 leaves per carrot, so you will be cutting out six pieces of fabric for each carrot top.

sewing a carrot


Sew The Carrot and Leaves

Sew a 1/4 inch seam down the side of the carrot fabric to create a cone.

Once you have done that sew the “arch” of the leaves leaving the flat bottom open.

When you have finished sewing, turn all pieces inside out.

What if you don’t have a sewing machine?

I’ve got you!

Fabric glue works just as well for this step.

adding batting to a carrot

Stuffing The Carrots

Once you’ve turned your carrot and leaves with the fabric right side out, it’s time to stuff them with batting.

TIP: use small tufts of batting at a time to stuff your carrot to keep them from being lumpy.

sewing a running stitch

Once you have the desired amount of batting in the carrot, fold over the top edge 1/4 inch and sew a running stitch all the way around.

Pull the string tight leaving about a 1 1/2 inch hole open in the middle.

Do not cut or tie off the needle yet!

You will need to use this in a few steps.

Sewing a carrot leaf

Make the Leaves

Pleat the base of each leaf.

Using a separate needle and thread from the one you used on your carrot, run the needle through the center of your pleated leaf fabric at the base.

Do not tie off.

Add the next two leaves to this same sting of thread  using the same steps as above.

Pull thread tightly and tie a knot in your thread.

Placing the leaves in the carrot

Add the Leaves to the Carrot

Once you’ve made your leaves, you are going to place them in the center “hole” that you left in the top of the carrot.

Push them down far enough that when you pull the thread on the carrot you cannot see any part of the bottom of the leaves.

sewing the leaves to the carrot

Sew the Leaves To The Carrot

Using the same needle and thread that you gathered the carrot top with, sew the leaves to the carrot using a whip stitch.

Do this all the way around the carrot.

adding a jute bow to a fabric carrot

Tie jute string around the carrot where the leaves and the carrot meet.

You now have a finished fabric carrot.

Making these easy fabric carrots was a lot of fun and I’m so glad that I decided to make them.

Not only were they fun, but they were a fraction of the cost of buying them.

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  1. Tammy, those fabric carrots are soooo cute! Thank you for the instructions. I’ll have to try and make a few. They would look cute on my tiered tray in my kitchen.

  2. Oh Tammy these are just adorable!!! I love carrot decor for Spring and thank you for such a great tutorial, I might just have to make some! I love the way you made the carrot tops, so cute!!

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