Easter at Walmart

Easter rabbit decor

I had to make a Walmart run this morning. Y’all! May I just say that Easter at Walmart is no joke? Granted they were just putting things out, but I couldn’t help getting in the way to take a look around. I decided to share what I saw, what I bought and what I wish I bought. And may still buy…

I decided to share what I saw, what I boughtAnd before you come at me about it not being Easter season yet, let me just share one thing.

There was a woman at Walmart with her cart filled with Easter stuff.

One woman gave here the eye.

Woman with Easter galore looked at her and said “If you don’t do early, you don’t do!”

I had to chuckle, but she’s right!

So grab a comfy seat and let’s get started!

Daisy pillow


This spring daisy pillow was one of the first things that I saw when I started looking around.

So cute!

Easter rabbit decor

This rabbit pushing a wheelbarrow….l

I wish I’d have had time to take it out of the box to share, but when I say they were just putting it out, I’m not kidding.

I was totally in the way!

easter rabbit decor

Another sweet rabbit.

Who doesn’t love a rabbit driving a carrot?

Egg garland

This gingham check Easter egg garland was super sweet.

seersucker rabbits

And this seersucker bunny in blue?

Yes, please!

Easter tic tac toe

I thought this Easter Tic Tac Toe game was darling!

Easter Canisters

I wanted to take this set of canisters home so bad!

However, I have absolutely no place to put them, but for the price they are a steal!

bunny garland

This photo of this bunny garland doesn’t do it justice!

Easter Egg picks


They had a ton of Easter eggs.

So many styles, colors, themes and sizes.

These egg picks for 54 cents were a bargain!

glitter eggs

You know I love me some Packed Party!

These  eggs were so pretty!!!!!

Again, not all of the Packed Party items were out and you can bet I’ll be stalking this isle daily til I see it all!

easter baskets


Their Easter basket game was strong too!

These rope baskets may have been one of my favorites!

That chick with eye glasses….. so cute!

Wooden Easter Baskets

These wooden baskets were fairly well made.

Not only would they make great Easter baskets, but I can see putting a pretty centerpiece in them.

This also came in a light blue/ turquoise color.

Wire Easter baskets

I loved the colors of these wire baskets!

Not sure how well they would work as an Easter basket, I mean, there are a ton of holes.

But I did love all of the color.

Easter Basket filler

This Easter basket filler from Packed Party was a favorite of mine….

bunny glass


I saved two of my favorites for last!

This packed party Easter Bunny glass…

What’s not to love?

It has fun colors, confetti and it’s all about Easter!

The one I ended up with has Easter eggs all over the outside.

chick and bunny glasses

And for the littles these sweet chick and bunny glasses are definitely going home with me!

It’s a party in a glass.

If you made it to the end of this post, thanks for sticking with me!

I know it’s a lot but I love you so much that I had to share all of the goodness with you.

So far Easter at Walmart is not disappointing.

Until next time….


Easter at Walmart


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    1. Karen there should be some cute items left as they were still putting items out on Friday when I was there! Happy shopping!

    1. I was so surprised by the quality of some of the stuff. I took my niece and sister there to pick up a few things this past weekend. Hit or miss most of the time but this one was a home run!

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