Mardi Gras Table

Mardi Gras Breakfast room

Earlier in the week I shared my Mardi Gras living room. Today I’m sharing my Mardi Gras table. It’s full of fun, beads, color and whimsy!


The Centerpiece

Let’s start with the centerpiece.

I had this bust just hanging out in my studio.

Mardi Gras decor is always extra, so I thought that it would be a perfect way to start the table.

Add a mask and a ton of beads and she’s ready for a parade.

The bust is placed on a purple placemat that is covered in beads, ornaments, masks and crowns that spill out onto the rest of the table.

Mardi gras placesettigng

The Place Setting

My color scheme is traditional Mardi Gras colors.

Green, gold and purple.

A purple placemat is the base of my place setting.

Followed by a gold leaf charger and a white plate.

I  purple napkin with a gold napkin ring finish off the stack.

Mardi Gras placesetting

I keep saying that I’m going to invest in some gold flatware, but never seem to remember that until I need it.

So I used my silver flatware with gold inset beads.

To give each place setting that little bit of extra, I added in more beads and an ornament.

Mardi Gras placesetting

The ornament is either an alligator or a fleur de lis.

Each place setting has a wineglass with a metal crown on the side.

Chandelier decorated with beads

The Chandelier

If we are going for “extra” then we are going BIG!

Since the chandelier is a huge focal point of the room, why not add extra to the focal point?

I hung beads all over it!

Cloche with Mardi Gras decor

The Rest of the Room

We have the table and chandelier all decorated, but what about the rest of the room?

Well I didn’t entirely forget about it.

On the hutch I added more beads.

Beads on top of beads!

Under a cloche I also added a gold crown.

Just enough that the table doesn’t look extra and all alone!

Mardi Gras Breakfast room

My Mardi Gras table is a bit over the top.

In all honesty, it’s fun for a few days but anything longer than that and I’m ready for my calmer blue and white.

But for today?

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Let the good times roll!

Until next time….


Mardi Gras Table

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  1. Tammy you just amaze me time and time again! You head is so full of “stuff” that make beautiful “pictures”.

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