Target Easter Haul

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen Target’s Dollar Spot items all over social media. However, usually our Target doesn’t have half of what you see others sharing online. So I decided to make a quick visit and check it out for myself.  Today I’m sharing my Target Easter Haul with you.

So right off the bat let me apologize for the photography. The Dollar Spot was packed and the shelving is all angled. Which makes for really weird photos. So you are going to see way too many photos of the top of my purse.

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do…

bundles of carrots

The first thing that caught my eye were these bundles of carrots.

So cute!

While the colors weren’t ones that I use in my Easter decor, I loved the carrot top leaves.

Bundles of carrots: $3.00

Easter Candles

I’m not much of a candle girl, but these small candles are so pretty!

I love the muted tones that are reminiscent of milk glass.

As an added bonus, they smell good too.

I took home two of the Cottage Clover ( green) candles.

Candle: $3.00

faux tulips


I have seen so many people talk about these tulips.

Honestly, they totally live up to the hype.

They look and feel real!

Each bundle of three comes in a mix of colors , multi colored ( not shown), pink or yellow.

I’ll recommend the pink or yellow.

Tulips: $3.00 per bundle

rabbit cutting board

Now let’s talk rabbits.

First up – this cutting board.

Super cute and great for decor, however I wouldn’t recommend for actual use.

I didn’t get the price on this one, however  I could totally see this in a kitchen!

These faux wooden rabbits are all the rage.

I wanted to love them, or even like them.

To me they did not live up to their rep.

They just look dirty.

However, if you can get past that they are cute.

2 small rabbits: $3.00


Here are two more of the faux wooden rabbits.

Again, cute, but not my thing.

However, I did love this large white rabbit.

It was a good size, and there were two smaller matching rabbits to go with him.

Cost: $5.00

white rabbits

These two medium sized rabbits are the companions to the larger white rabbit.

So cute.

I can see raffia or ribbon tied around their necks.

These were super sweet.

Medium rabbits: $3.00 each

Target moss rabbits

Even though I didn’t buy these sweet moss bunnies, they were probably my favorite.

So on trend and they were really cute!

I will probably regret not taking these home!

Moss Bunnies: $3.00 each

glass bunny dish

This bunny dish is so cute!

The photo, mainly due to the plastic wrap, does not do it justice.

It reminds me of vintage pieces my grandmother used to have.

I did take a couple of these home with me!

Glass Bunny Dish: $3.00

dragonfly decoration

One last item that isn’t necessarily Easter, this dragonfly.

I expected it to be heavy, however it’s a very lightweight plastic which I had mixed emotions about.

It looks like brass, until you pick it up.

There were other insects to choose from although for the life of me I can’t remember what they were.

I think that this would be a cute piece for a coffee table or vignette.

Dragonfly: $3.00

target easter haul

At the end of the day, I took home a couple of bunnies that match one one that I already have, two of the bunny dishes and two candles.

Not really a “haul” but not bad for under $20.00!

So I’m considering my Target Easter Haul a success.

Until next time…


Target Easter Haul

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