Master Bedroom Christmas Tree

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Flocked Christmas tree


Today on Decorate With Us, my friends Terrie and Corine and I are sharing how we decorate our master bedroom Christmas tree. 3 Trees, 3 different bloggers. Hopefully a lot of inspiration for you!

I usually do a small silver tinsel table top tree in my room.

However, when Corine shared this 6 ft Flocked Tree and it was only $30.00, I thought why not get a bigger tree?

Christmas lights


The first thing that I did, after fluffing the tree,

was add this Christmas tree light set.

It may have been a little overkill, but can you really have too many lights on a tree?

I think not.

Seriously, I already had them so I decided to just go with it.

Christmas tree with garland


Next up, some fun, whimsical garland.

I’ve had this garland for quite a few years and I still love it.

Christmas Tree Topper

Tree Topper

A fun, colorful tree needs a fun, colorful tree topper.

I had a few of these Christmas picks, so I decided to use those.

zip tying Christmas topper to tree

To make sure they stayed in place, I  simply zip tied them to the tree.

Christmas Tree Ribbon


I honestly wasn’t sure that I would add ribbon to this tree due to it’s size.

However, it seemed a little too bare without it.

So I added some ribbon here and there.

Pom Pom ornaments


Once the lights, ribbon, garland and tree topper were all on it was time for the ornaments.

I found these cute poms in the fabric section at Walmart.

They had 5 different colors that were perfect for my Christmas tree!

Christmas Ornaments

I also picked up this cute Santa baby TV Ornament at Walmart for $1.98.

These packed party ornaments are some of my favorites.

The rest of the ornaments were some I’ve had for awhile.

However, they were all perfect for this tree.

Christmas Tree

Tree Skirt

Once all of the ornaments were on the master bedroom Christmas tree the decorating part of the tree was done!

All that I had to do is add this cute  red velvet tree skirt with the tassels.

I’m in love with it, as it matches all of the tree decor perfectly!

Now to decorate the rest of the room!

Come back tomorrow when I will share my Christmas bed.

Then on Monday when I will share how I added Christmas to the rest of the master bedroom!

Until then….

Master bedroom Christmas Tree

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Tammy from Patina and Paint


    1. I had so much fun decorating the tree in our room this year. It’s the first time we’ve had a full size tree in the master. So much fun!

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