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More Flowers On The Front Porch

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Have you all gone to the on-line store Antique Farm House? Well, you totally should! Lately I have bought a few things from them and I have to tell you that it is all I can do to wait for them to get here!

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Look what came in the mail a few days ago. I totally LURVE It.  And it really works too! Isn’t the detail on this just full of awesomeness?


I shared this bucket full of flowers with you awhile back.  I told you that I would be putting it back up after the Fourth of July. And I did. The only negative I have about this bucket of flowers is that it blocks the peep hole in the door. But who needs to see who’s at the door anyway, right?

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I added some hydrangeas, greenery and some ribbon to my postal box and  I thought it was perfect for the front porch. I decided to hang it on the side wall instead of the door…OK, so I might want to see who’s at the door after all. I loved how it looked, but the more I looked the more I felt like something was missing.

A long time ago I saw where someone on Pinterest had made their own birds nest, so I decided to give it a try!

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First thing – get a bowl about the same shape that you want your nest to be. Turn it upside down and cover with foil. The foil simply protects the bowl and keeps any hot glue from attaching itself to the bowl.

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Take some sheet moss and excelsior  and hot glue it together to form your nest. Be careful – the hateful hot glue hides and attacks your finger when you least expect it!

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Take the nest off of the bowl and turn it over . At this point, I glued some excelsior to the inside of my nest. You could add small twigs or any other organic matter that you like to make the nest look more realistic.

News ALERT:  If you couldn’t tell by the photo – this is one huge mess!

post 16After adding a couple of robin’s egg, my nest is finished. It really did work. Pinterest success!

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Here’s a close up.  I love my little nest! I also love hydrangeas. All kinds of them, in all colors. More flowers on the front porch? It’s a good thing!

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the front door…. it looks a little naked!

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