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Sister Love

sister pic 8

I was at my sweet friend’s house Darlene’s house for PoKeeno. Darlene has a quirky, lovable sense of humor that is reflected in her design style. On a bathroom break, I found the best piece of art ever! Three  vintage bathing beauties (I think they are sisters) in ancient bathing suits standing in water. I fell in love with this small framed print. I call it Sister Love. I had to have one! After questioning Darlene on where she found this awesome piece, I found out that it was old and finding another would be next to impossible. However, Darlene suggested that I take a picture of the art piece and maybe I would be able to reproduce it.


The photo I took could have been much better. I mean it was in a small bathroom, at night, with an iPhone..but I was optimistic that I could save it. I put it into PicMonkey. If y’all haven’t tried editing your photos with the monkey, I suggest you get yourself on over there – it’s the bomb. Anyway, the original photo wasn’t pristine. It was faded and had creases in it, but putting it into PicMonkey allowed me to add color where there wasn’t any and fix the creases. I could have restored it to darn near perfect, but I loved the old worn feel. This was my finished edit. Don’t those three girls look mischievous?

seester pic 5

I have been meaning to frame a couple of prints and give them to my sweet seesters but kept forgetting to do so. I was at Hobby Lobby and these frames were 66% off. Wrong colors, but great shapes. My seester T2 , I am T1, loves all things modern. Seester D is all girl, all the time! We all have a thousand frames so I wanted these to reflect their personalities – just like the bathing beauties in the photo.

seester pic 3

Both of my seesters love black accents in their homes, so I spray painted the frames black. They were a little stark and looked unfinished, maybe a little too shiny to go with the print. So a little embellishment was called for.

seester pic 2

On T2’s modern frame I added some round glass stones in pale yellow, blue and green. I glued these on around the frame opening. Perfect!

On D’s I distressed the edges and laid out these rhinestones that are the color of her bedroom. The rhinestones were definitely her but again too “new” looking for the frame.

seester pic 4

To get the blue color I used a permanent dye stamp pad on the edges.

seester picI did go ahead and add a few rhinestones here and there. Let’s face it Miss D loves her some girly rhinestones!  Once I added an antique pin with rhinestones to the bow, I felt like it all came together!

seester pic 1

I think the glass pieces on T2’s frame, while subtle, brought out the colors of the print and tied it all together.

It would have been easier to just buy the frames already decorated and to be honest these frames might not be to your taste, but in this case, I felt like the frames needed to reflect the seesters I was giving them to. I wanted to make it a little more personal – give them some serious Sister Love!

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