Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mother's Day Gifts

Hey friends! Can you believe that it’s already May? I have to admit that this year seems to be flying by and May’s calendar is already FULL. Since Mother’s Day is a little over a week away, I thought that I would share a few Mother’s Day gifts that have caught my eye. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a few of them myself. Hint, hint!

Mother's Day Gifts

First up, these beautiful begonias. I love these so much that I bought not only myself a hanging basket, but I also bought a few for my sisters! They come in this beautiful pink, a vibrant red and a soft Georgia peach color. Y’all know I couldn’t resist the pink! You can find these at your local Sam’s for $12.98.

Mother's Day Gifts

Next, some of the coolest earrings from Kendra Scott. I love these! You all have probably seen these already as I’m always the last one to jump on the band wagon. In fact, I don’t own anything by Kendra Scott, but might just have to buy these! I love how the clear crystal ones change color to match what you are wearing. My kind of earring!

These aren’t too shabby either! I LOVE all the beautiful colors. These are a work of art!

Mother's Day Gifts

Next up, something I’ve had for awhile, but totally love and wear almost all the time.

Co-ordinates cuffs. The co-ordinates on each cuff is unique to you. Favorite place. Where you got married. Where you had you children. You name the place! A few years ago I asked The Hubs to make a couple of these for our boys for a gift. They were a hit. Two years, and tons of cuffs later and The Hubs has his own business. Roxx Hydz Leathers. You can find those, and other fine gifts here:


And last, but certainly not least if you love botanicals as much as I do then these are for you. I think these would be fabulous in a chunky black frame. And for $15.00 for four of them, it’s a steal!

That’s it from The Queen’s wish list. I hope that this makes your Mother’s Day gifts buying a little easier!

Until next time…

Tammy from Patina and Paint


  1. LOVE those gold earrings!!! And the cuff…what a great idea! I’ve never seen those before! LOVE these ideas!!! Love and hugs sweet friend!! Stay dry! This weather is crazy and I’m tired of all the rain! 🙂

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