Spring in the Garden

Spring in the garden

We have been working so hard lately. Spring in the garden here at the castle is in full swing! This is truly my favorite time year in our back yard.

As you can see everything is green and blooming.

Lucky me, a lot of things over wintered since we had such a mild winter.

Unlucky me, I’m sure we will also have more bugs too.

The pond lilies are going crazy!

So crazy that I may have to thin them out a bit.

There are two different colors of lilies, white and pink. I love the pink during the day because they add some much needed color to that area.

However, the white are my favorite as they practically glow at night!

spring in the garden

The partio area is really coming along.

I’ve added new pillows, lots of flowers, and planted a few more stepables between the pavers.

At the east end of the partio, near the house, The Hubs added a new smoker and a new grill.

Honestly, is there anything better than fresh food from the farmers market cooked out on the grill?

Spring in the garden

The area to the west of the partio is one of my favorite places to sit and enjoy the flowers.

Earlier in the month, I shared a picture of the clematis with you on Instagram, but it is nothing compared to what it looks like now!

I even have a pair of cardinals nesting in this beautiful plant.

Spring in the garden

On the front of the shed we planted bougainvillea in our large pots this year.

I love the deep hot pink/ burgundy color of it.

Spring in the garden

In the middle of working, we made a short trip to see our older son.

He took us to Neighbors Restaurant for lunch in Bastrop, TX.

spring in the garden

This is such a cool restaurant!

It has wonderful food and great atmosphere.

spring in the garden

We sat outside on the deck overlooking the Colorado River.

I could have stayed there all day!

Spring in the garden

Unfortunately, we had to come back and do some more work in the backyard.

We have put up a new fence, added new white trellises and added more plants that I scored at the HEB in Bastrop!

However, like with anything else, Spring in the garden means more work before we can sit back and enjoy.

We still have to stain the fence, put up the redneck pool and I am sure that I will add more flowers before it is all said and done.

Until next time….

Spring in the Garden

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    1. Thanks Karen, it’s getting there. If it would quit raining – even though we need it – I could finish in the back and start in the front! I have plans for the front yard this year. I need to get everything done before the Lagaly’s family get together in June. Wish me luck!

  1. That restaurant looks so cool! So glad you were able to visit with your son and have a great time! Love how things are coming along in your yard…ours still looks awful…I’m so behind…LOL Hugs!

    1. Benita you are not behind! I know how hard it is to pull together an ORC! Some day I’m going to get up enough nerve to try one….

  2. I love looking at your partio and back yard! I want a pond!!!!! Your hard work has definitely paid off. It’s like an oasis back there.

    How far away is Bastrop for y’all? It’s an hour and a half for us from Navasota but maybe one month we could meet y’all there and have dinner?!

    1. Cindy Bastrop is about 3 hours. But would love to meet you all for dinner some time. It’s a quaint little downtown, but I love that kind of place. Very relaxing and laid back!

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