My BFF’s Fall Dining Table


Acadian home decorated for fall

You all know I love a pretty table. Today is all about my Bff’s Fall dining table!

When Roxanne was telling me about how she had put together her Fall table I asked if she would mind me sharing it with you?

She was gracious enough to tell me to come on over and take as many pictures as I wanted.

I knew when I pulled up to her home and saw all the pretty Fall decorations that we were in for a treat!

Bff's fall table

And boy, was I right!

blue and white plate with napkin

She started each place setting with these pretty textured blue placemats.

She alternated dinner plates of Blue Danube seen here.

blue and white Pier 1 plate

Her alternate plate was this pretty white and blue floral Villeryoy & Boch plates and bowls inherited from her Mother from Pier 1.

When I tell you the next part of the story, you will know for sure that she is my best friend.

See those gorgeous hand blown glasses that she purchased on-line?

Once she had them, she had to purchase these blue and green salad plates on EBAY to match them!

As her husband said ” so we have to purchase plates to match the glasses that we didn’t need?” lol!

Matching Villeryoy & Boch bowls finished of her pretty blue and green stack of dishes.

For a little color and fun, Roxanne placed an orange or white pumpkin in each bowl.

Her napkin was also inherited from her mother, it’s a pretty white, navy and green that perfectly matches the rest of the table!

Dining room

Roxanne’s dining table is set for 8, however it is a large beautiful table that can easily fit 10.

velvet pumpkins

Because her table is so long, she needed a large centerpiece.

Using oak leaves and pumpkins down the center of her table made the perfect centerpiece for this table.

There are so many beautiful, warm colors and textures that it’s truly eye candy!

See this beautiful felt turquoise pumpkin?

Swoon worthy!

Blue and Green place setting

As you can see, my BFF’s Fall table is absolutely beautiful!

Bff's Fall Table

Our PoKeeno group is meeting at Roxanne’s home for the first time since the Pandemic.

I know that the other ladies will be as delighted to sit down at this beautiful table as I am!

Until next time…..



  1. Tammy, You and Roxanne are cut out of the same mold when it comes to decorating! It’s absolute beautiful! I can just hear my brother saying the quote you included. 😂

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