Fall Front Porch 2022

Fall wreath

Hey! If you are coming here from my Facebook page, Welcome! Not coming here from my Facebook page? Then you may want to hop on over there and see the video on how I made the wreath for my Fall front porch 2022.

Since my front porch is gray with black and white accents it was super easy to decorate for Fall.

All I needed to do was add in the warm tones of orange and yellow!

Painted pumpkin

Fall Vignettes

On either side of the door I placed some Fall “vignettes”.

Both vignettes are similar and different at the same time.

After clearing out all of the dead Summer flowers I placed a grapevine wrapped in leaves and lights.

Hand Painted Pumpkins

Hand painted Pumpkin cutouts were added to the center of the planter.

The cutouts were actually door hangers that I made last year.

With one BIG change.

I flipped them over, painted the back side black and white to match the colors on the porch!

fall front porch

Mums and Pumpkins

Mums and a few pumpkins finish out the vignettes.

In the center of the mums a few metal corn stakes were added for a little fun.

Fall Rockers

Around the corner from the front door are a few black front porch rockers.

A few pillows and and a couple of throw blankets make this area perfect for porch sitting on a crisp fall evening.

Fall Front porchFall Front Porch

I hope you enjoyed seeing my fall front porch!

If you enjoyed the front porch then be sure and come back on Friday when both Terrie and I will have the back porch decked out for Fall!

Don’t forget to head on over to Terrie’s to see her Fall wreath and see her Facebook page for how she decorated her Fall Wreath!

Terrie Fall Front Porch

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Until next time…


Fall Front Porch



    1. Thank you Terrie! The painted pumpkins are some of my favorite items. And you can’t beat ribbon from the Wreath Shop!

  1. My porch is black and white also, so I got lots of ideas!! Wondering where you got a couple of things, door mat & black & white throw. Love the painted pumpkins also!

  2. Tammy
    I love your front porch. Love the symmetry on both sides of your door. The black and white pumpkins are a show stopper. I have the exact same door.;<)
    Love the rockers.

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