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My Little Blue Planter

blue planter 4

I have to admit that I have about twenty projects in the works at one time. Which is rare for me. Now that we have sunny days, I am trying to play catch up with everything I had planned to get done this summer. This painting project was one of them and it was so simple that I am almost embarrassed to share it with you… however simple it may be – it makes a huge statement. My little blue planter went from pretty – to pretty darn spectacular!

blue planter1

I won this sweet little planter at PoKeeno. If you are from the south -sweet southern (pronounced “suth-urn”) ladies either play Bunko or PoKeeno, the first is dice game that involves grabbing, rolling and lots of squealing and the other is a combo of poker and bingo. At times I have played both. Recently I am cutting back on my cray cray addiction and just hitting the once a month PoKeeno group. Woo Hoo!

Anyway, I won this awesome wooden planter. I couldn’t wait to get it home and put it on the back patio. One problem0 …. it didn’t match anything I had on the Party-o! So I painted it, of course.

Blue planter

I painted it the same accent turquoise color that I painted the blue chair in… truly one of my favorite colors!

I dropped in this  awesome bright pink plant and my small blue planter was ready to go.

Honestly, the hardest thing, if you can call it hard, was taping off the black metal bands. I wanted to keep the black metal because it matched the black on the patio furniture. Plus, the black makes the blue really pop!

This project took all of thirty minutes to complete which is my kind of project. Easy – but so worth it!

What do you think? If you look at your patio, do you have small thirty minute projects that could make all the difference in your patio decor? If so, I say go for it… you might be surprised at the difference of it going from pretty – to being pretty awesome just like my little blue  planter.

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