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Repurposed Cabinet Door

blue cab door8A few weeks ago I was in Oklahoma visiting family and my seester D took me to Restore to do a little shopping. We found a ton of old cabinet doors. My mind was whirling with all the possibilities. Sign, chalk board, coat rack, bench, bulletin board, etc… So today I am sharing with you my first repurposed cabinet door. Because I love you. Just how I roll.

blue cab door 5There was this HUGE bin of cabinet doors. I looked at them and all I could think was “where are the cabinets that go with the doors!” Seriously, I couldn’t buy them fast enough. They were $2.00!

blue cab door 4

I started by painting the white door Paris Grey.

blue sign 5

Then I layered- really unevenly, rough coats of both Old Violet and Napoleonic Blue. After some sanding to distress the door a little so that the white could shine through, this is my end result.

Blue cab door

At this point I knew this  cabinet door would make a great coat rack. Since I was going to add crystal drawer knobs to the bottom and felt like I needed a little weight on the top. I had a piece of ironwork in my craft closet that was the perfect size! Yay me.. I mean, how often does that happen?

blue sign 2

I simply applied screws into two small holes in the ironwork to hold it to the door.

blue sign 6

Since my screws did not come with the ironwork I had to use some silver ones that I already had. Yeah, that looked fab! NOT. So I painted them with a flat black paint. You can also use a black sharpie to hide silver nails.. it really works!


blue sign 9

Now you know I wasn’t gonna leave the center with out some sort of decoration. I thought that a monogram would look cool. I made the monogram on my computer, printed it out and transferred it to the door using transfer paper.

blue sign 10

I then just filled in between the lines with white paint.

blue sign 11

Next – add the crystal drawer pulls – which are oversized – and my repurposed cabinet door was done!

blue sign

I hung it in my entry way – here is a sneak peek.  I am not done with that area yet! I can’t wait to share the finished result with you at a later date…

So what do you think?  This project was super easy and super cheap! I spent $2.00 on the door but everything else was something that I had left over from another project. Woo Hoo! I love that.  See? There is a good reason for hoarding keeping all my leftover stuff!

Until next time….



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