My New Favorite Artist

I have had love affair with art my entire life. I love making art, looking at art and I love finding new artists that inspire me. This past week I found my new favorite artist at the grocery store! I know it sounds crazy but it’s the truth.
Roxanne Spradlin art

My new favorite artist is Roxanne Spradlin. Many of you may know and love her work, however she’s new to me.

My new favorite artist

I cannot resist the “gift” isle of my new local supermarket.

They just started putting out all of the fall decor, so I was happily browsing when I saw two new paintings.

They remind me so much of home.

Growing up in Oklahoma you see a lot of cotton fields.

I posted this picture on Instagram and Stacey from Poofing the Pillows asked if it wasn’t a Roxanne Spradlin piece?

I had no idea, I just knew I loved it.

Imagine my surprise when Roxanne gave my pic a great big like!

So, I looked her up.

Y’all, I am in love with her work!! Seriously.

fall decor

My favorite grocery  also had these pumpkin plates.

They were way out of my price range, so I’ll be stalking them and praying for a sale.

I’m a big sucker for stuffed pumpkins so this herringbone pumpkin caught my eye also.


I love all three items in this picture.

The large serving bowl matches the pumpkin plates.

Look at the awesome plater. What’s not to love here?

Love the metal and wood  that frame such a wonderful sentiment.

Of course, it’s a Mudpie!

And that pillow is too stinking cute.

cedar chest

Of course, I’ve been actually working here at the castle.

A girl can’t shop all of the time.

My latest projects are a couple of cedar chests and a dresser for a client.

furniture stamp

This mark was on the back of one of the chest.

I couldn’t resist looking it up.

This company is still in business, smack dab in the middle of the French Quarter.

Don’t you love furniture pieces with a little bit of history attached to them?


This sweet table was gifted to me.

I’ll be making it into a desk for my sister’s new office.

Wouldn’t it be pretty in turquoise and gold?

My New favorite artist

It was such a pleasure to work with my favorite photographer!

My son, Tyler, who’s been in high demand recently.

He’s being featured as an up and coming photographer in a new magazine.

Super happy that I could talk him into taking some photos here at the castle.

And I’m an even happier mom to get to spend some time with him.

Until next time….





  1. I LOVE the fall totems that you found at the grocery store! What is the name of the store? Thank you for posting ❤️

    1. Cindy the name of the grocery is MarketStreet. New to our area – and to me! Small gift area but it has so many fun things!

  2. Where in the world do you shop for grocery’s?! I need to get to that store! I loved everything you shows in your pictures. I hadn’t heard of Roxanne either but look forward to checking her out and seeing the new desk! And congrats to Tyler! That sounds amazing!

    1. Our new grocery store is called MarketStreet. Had never hear of it before it came to our area. I swear I spend more time on the “gift” isle than I shop for food!

    1. Rita,
      Just checked email.. I thought that I had sent you a reply. Couldn’t find it so I resent. If you don’t see something from me ASAP, let me know and I’ll send from another email. Thank you!!!!

      1. Tammy! You are so sweet! This made my day! Thank you for this lovely share and encouraging words! The Round Top Collection who produces all of these pieces has just launched a new website and anyone, wholesale or retail can order from it. Everything is so cute! But if you are interested in just seeing my art you can search my name on the opening page and it will Bring up all the pieces I have painted that are currently available! The new site is: shop.thertc.com

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